In tissue culture, hairlike projections of neurons stimulated by growth factors and other molecules. These projections may go on to form a branched tree of dendrites or a single axon or they may be reabsorbed at a later stage of development. "Neurite" may refer to any filamentous or pointed outgrowth of an embryonal or tissue-culture neural cell.


2126_structure of nerve fibre

2126_structure of nerve fibre

Figure 2.

Figure 2.

<b><b>Neurite</b></b> extension is

<b>Neurite</b> extension is

Google Images

Google Images

<b>Neurites</b> are long

Neurites are long

and <b>neurites</b> sprout

and neurites sprout

<b>Neurite</b> initiation and

Neurite initiation and



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