inflammation of the coverings of the brain and/or spinal cord, which consist of the pia mater; ARACHNOID; and dura mater. Infections (viral, bacterial, and fungal) are the most common causes of this condition, but subarachnoid hemorrhage (HEMORRHAGES, SUBARACHNOID), chemical irritation (chemical meningitis), granulomatous conditions, neoplastic conditions (CARCINOMATOUS meningitis), and other inflammatory conditions may produce this syndrome. (From Joynt, Clinical neurology, 1994, Ch24, p6)






Viral <b>Meningitis</b>: A Basic

Viral Meningitis: A Basic

by bacterial <b>meningitis</b>.

by bacterial meningitis.

Fungal <b>Meningitis</b>: Insidious

Fungal Meningitis: Insidious

Bacterial <b>meningitis</b> symptoms

Bacterial meningitis symptoms



<b>Meningitis</b> symptoms in babies

Meningitis symptoms in babies

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