(Manioc; Cassava; Tapioca; Arrowroot, Brazilian; Brazilian Arrowroot; Kasaba)

A plant genus of the family euphorbiaceae that is perennial with conspicuous, almost palmate leaves like those of ricinus but more deeply parted into five to nine lobes. It is a source of a starch after removal of the cyanogenic glucosides. The common name of Arrowroot is also used with Maranta (marantaceae). The common name of yuca is also used for yucca.


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File:<b>Manihot</b> palmata RJB.jpg

File:Manihot palmata RJB.jpg

<b>Manihot</b> esculenta - Yuca Root

Manihot esculenta - Yuca Root

File:Yuca (<b>Manihot</b> esculenta).

File:Yuca (Manihot esculenta).

new <b>Manihot</b> esculenta photos

new Manihot esculenta photos

SinĂ³nimos de <b>Manihot</b>

SinĂ³nimos de Manihot

<b>Manihot</b> esculenta

Manihot esculenta

<b>Manihot</b> esculenta 'Variegata'

Manihot esculenta 'Variegata'

<b>Manihot</b> carthagenensis at San

Manihot carthagenensis at San

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