Surgical insertion of an appliance for the replacement of areas of the mandible.


Case <b>prosthesis</b> on <b>implants</b>

Case prosthesis on implants

(Extraoral), <b><b>Implants</b></b>,

(Extraoral), <b>Implants</b>,

and <b>Mandibular Implant</b> and

and Mandibular Implant and

<b>implants</b>) and a <b>mandibular</b>

implants) and a mandibular

teeth and <b>mandibular</b>

teeth and mandibular

for <b>mandibular prosthesis</b>

for mandibular prosthesis

and <b>mandibular prosthesis</b>

and mandibular prosthesis

Occlusal view of <b>mandibular</b>

Occlusal view of mandibular

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