(Liposarcoma, Dedifferentiated; Liposarcoma, Pleomorphic)

A malignant tumor derived from primitive or embryonal lipoblastic cells. It may be composed of well-differentiated fat cells or may be dedifferentiated: myxoid (liposarcoma, myxoid), round-celled, or pleomorphic, usually in association with a rich network of capillaries. Recurrences are common and dedifferentiated liposarcomas metastasize to the lungs or serosal surfaces. (From Dorland, 27th ed; Stedman, 25th ed)


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Myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b> (01).jpg

Myxoid liposarcoma (01).jpg

Dedifferentiated <b>liposarcoma</b>

Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

of a myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b>.

of a myxoid liposarcoma.

common type of <b>liposarcoma</b>

common type of liposarcoma

File:Myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b> (05).

File:Myxoid liposarcoma (05).

6: pleomorphic <b>liposarcoma</b>

6: pleomorphic liposarcoma

Pleomorphic <b>Liposarcoma</b>: A

Pleomorphic Liposarcoma: A

<b>liposarcomas</b> -

liposarcomas -

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