(Liposarcoma, Dedifferentiated; Liposarcoma, Pleomorphic)

A malignant tumor derived from primitive or embryonal lipoblastic cells. It may be composed of well-differentiated fat cells or may be dedifferentiated: myxoid (liposarcoma, myxoid), round-celled, or pleomorphic, usually in association with a rich network of capillaries. Recurrences are common and dedifferentiated liposarcomas metastasize to the lungs or serosal surfaces. (From Dorland, 27th ed; Stedman, 25th ed)


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Myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b> (01).jpg
Myxoid liposarcoma (01).jpg

Dedifferentiated <b>liposarcoma</b>
Dedifferentiated liposarcoma

of a myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b>.
of a myxoid liposarcoma.

common type of <b>liposarcoma</b>
common type of liposarcoma

6: pleomorphic <b>liposarcoma</b>
6: pleomorphic liposarcoma

File:Myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b> (05).
File:Myxoid liposarcoma (05).

Pleomorphic <b>Liposarcoma</b>: A
Pleomorphic Liposarcoma: A

Myxoid <b>liposarcoma</b>
Myxoid liposarcoma

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Myxoid liposarcomaLiposarcomaLipoblastMyxoid lipoblastomaBenign lipoblastomatosisLipoblastomatosisOccupational segregationMalignant fibrous cytomaLipoblastomaPleomorphic lipoma

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  • I have 4 soft tissue cyst inside my right femur, and 1 inside my left femur. I was anxious to go and have my ultrasound done so I could find out what kind of cysts they were. When I called to get the information I couldn't believe it I was told the resul...  (+)
  • I have a lump in my left thigh that I just noticed about 3 weeks ago. It feels the same as my thigh muscle - not bone hard or squishy soft. It does not hurt and does not move around. It feels like it is just my thigh muscle bulging upward in a dome shape...  (+)
  • While doing an ultra sound of my ovaries last year, a small 2.5 cm lump was discovered. The doc kept putting off biopsy as he felt I had other issues more pertinent. Finally, I am going in for surgery next week to remove the "lipoma". I had a ...  (+)
  • I am a 43 year old mother of 3 who just found a lump on my outside upper left arm. The lump is about 7.5cm in diameter and is sort of movable and feels dough like. I saw my primary and they told me to see a surgeon for imaging tests and/or a biopsy. I h...  (+)
  • My mother had a recurrence of a liposarcoma which was removed from the abdomen only one month ago. The one before was located near the kidneys. The one found this time (approximately 1x4 cm) is near the abdominal wall. The doctor told us that it is not f...  (+)
  • my boyfriend recently passed from lipsarcoma. He had this for 15 years. It had started in the back (which was operable) and then a mass appeared in the lung (again operable 5 years later) then it was in the intestines creating a blockage. It was remove...  (+)

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