Iatrogenic Disease

Any adverse condition in a patient occurring as the result of treatment by a physician, surgeon, or other health professional, especially infections acquired by the patient during the course of treatment.


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of <b>iatrogenic disease</b> are
of iatrogenic disease are

An <b>Iatrogenic Disease</b>
An Iatrogenic Disease

Under-reporting of <b>Iatrogenic</b>
Under-reporting of Iatrogenic

HIV <b>disease</b> resulting from
HIV disease resulting from

of <b>Iatrogenic Disease</b>.
of Iatrogenic Disease.

An <b>Iatrogenic Disease</b>
An Iatrogenic Disease

<b>Iatrogenic illness</b> may be
Iatrogenic illness may be

<b>Iatrogenic Disease</b> is defined
Iatrogenic Disease is defined

Diagnosis and therapies



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