(Hypodynamia; Bradykinesia)

Slow or diminished movement of body musculature. It may be associated with basal ganglia diseases; mental disorders; prolonged inactivity due to illness; and other conditions.


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Entity page for <b>hypokinesia</b>
Entity page for hypokinesia

apical <b>hypokinesia</b>,
apical hypokinesia,

<b>hypokinesia</b>: Steve McCurry
hypokinesia: Steve McCurry

Where is <b>hypokinesia</b> HOT?:
Where is hypokinesia HOT?:

3 = severe <b>hypokinesia</b> and
3 = severe hypokinesia and

called <b>hypokinesia</b>.
called hypokinesia.

<b>Hypokinesia</b> of associated
Hypokinesia of associated

intermittent <b>hypokinesia</b>
intermittent hypokinesia

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Comments on "Hypokinesia"

  • In echo of my mother it indicates Hypokinetic Basal & Mid.ant.septum.please explain what it means..  (+)
  • The recent echo test shows EF 54% Big are of Septal and apical hypokenesis. @@The patient had a CHF last year and EF was reduced to 20%. In an year time it improved to 54% but Can you please explain what doe "Big area of septal and apical hypokenesi...  (+)
  • hi, im 28 yrs.. i had an angina.. & my echo report says i have mild impared LV systolic function and mild septal hypokinesis ,, LVEF 48% .. wat does it mean ?  (+)
  • Hello. I`m 22 years old girl. I had 3 times unexplained miscarriage. I have genetic illness low level of Antithrombin III. so i have to take heparin injections. I had ECHO done last summer with EF 41%. After 2 months i had MRI where EF was 54%. After my lo...  (+)
  • My stress echo report says that I have mild distal anterior and apical hypokinesis at rest and immediately post exercise.  (+)
  • If mid basal inferior wall and posterior wall akinetic. Basal septum is hypokinetic and Global LVEF=45-50% what its mean  (+)
  • It says in my dad's 2Decho : eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy with global hypokinesia with mildly depressed left ventricular systolic function with doppler evidence of relaxation abnormality. Trivial mitral regurgitation and tricuspid regurgitation. ...  (+)
  • What is Hypokinetic distal IVS and anterior wall of LV. Mildly reduced LV Systolic functions. No LV clot or intracavitary mass seen. LVEF : 50% .Is it a dangerous sign for Heart. What is the cure. Whether it can be cured with medicines or changing Life Sty...  (+)
  • I am asymptomatic. >20% overweight, hypertensive since 2 yrs, BP 170/110 before B blockers; now 130/90. My ECHO report says" Mild apico posterior hypokinesia. LV diastolic dysfunction. LV systolic dysfunction. EF 46%. Mild LV enlargement. No clots ...  (+)
  • let me know whether hypokinesia is reversible  (+)

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