Hypersensitivity, Delayed
(Tuberculin-Type Hypersensitivity; Hypersensitivity, Tuberculin-Type; Hypersensitivity, Type IV; Type IV Hypersensitivity)

An increased reactivity to specific antigens mediated not by antibodies but by cells.


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<b>delayed</b> for 24-48 hours.
delayed for 24-48 hours.

<b>Hypersensitivity</b>/ <b>Delayed</b>
Hypersensitivity/ Delayed

<b>Hypersensitivity</b> Reaction Type
Hypersensitivity Reaction Type

Type 4b <b>Hypersensitivity</b>
Type 4b Hypersensitivity

Type 4a <b>Hypersensitivity</b>
Type 4a Hypersensitivity

Drug <b>Hypersensitivity</b>
Drug Hypersensitivity

Contact <b>hypersensitivity</b>
Contact hypersensitivity

Type IV <b>hypersensitivity</b>
Type IV hypersensitivity

Diagnosis and therapies



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OxazoloneAllergic reactions to anaesthesiaType III hypersensitivityType II hypersensitivityHypersensitivityAnchor paperSadhna TVHeliophobiaHyperkatifeiaType IV hypersensitivity

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  • sorry it is hard to type while breathing like this, i meant it has been over six weeks not two*  (+)
  • I spent the night in emergency hyperventalating(excuse my spelling) and the doctors did many tests to find out the cause. In conclusion after many many tests they cme to the conclusion it was caused my hypersensitivity most likely due to a kidney problem ...  (+)

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