(Hemianopsia, Binasal; Hemianopsia, Bitemporal; Hemianopsia, Homonymous; Quadrantanopsia)

Partial or complete loss of vision in one half of the visual field(s) of one or both eyes. Subtypes include altitudinal hemianopsia, characterized by a visual defect above or below the horizontal meridian of the visual field. Homonymous hemianopsia refers to a visual defect that affects both eyes equally, and occurs either to the left or right of the midline of the visual field. Binasal hemianopsia consists of loss of vision in the nasal hemifields of both eyes. Bitemporal hemianopsia is the bilateral loss of vision in the temporal fields. Quadrantanopsia refers to loss of vision in one quarter of the visual field in one or both eyes.


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Paris as seen with binasal <b>hemianopsia</b>
Paris as seen with binasal hemianopsia

Paris as seen with full visual fields
Paris as seen with full visual fields

Homonymous <b>hemianopsia</b> is
Homonymous hemianopsia is

<b>Hemianopsia</b> Simulators
Hemianopsia Simulators

Paris as seen with right homonymous <b>hemianopsia</b>
Paris as seen with right homonymous hemianopsia

<b>Hemianopsia</b> » <b>Hemianopsia</b> II
Hemianopsia » Hemianopsia II

Homonymous <b>Hemianopsia</b>
Homonymous Hemianopsia

What Is <b>Hemianopsia</b> and
What Is Hemianopsia and

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