Hematoma, Subdural, Acute
(Hemorrhage, Subdural, Acute; Subdural Hematoma, Acute)

hemorrhage and accumulation of blood in the subdural space associated with the acute onset of neurologic deficits, usually following craniocerebral trauma. hematoma formation occurs most frequently over the lateral and superior aspects of a cerebral hemisphere, but may also occur in the posterior fossa and spinal canal. Clinical manifestations may include hemiparesis, seizures, third nerve palsy (see oculomotor nerve diseases), mental status changes, and coma. (From Adams et al., Principles of neurology, 6th ed, p886)


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<b>hematoma</b> (arrowheads) may
hematoma (arrowheads) may

<b>acute subdural hematoma</b>.
acute subdural hematoma.

<b>Subdural hematoma</b>, <b>acute</b>
Subdural hematoma, acute

<b>Acute subdural hematoma</b>.
Acute subdural hematoma.

<b>Acute subdural hematoma</b>.
Acute subdural hematoma.

region and <b>acute subdural</b>
region and acute subdural

<b>subdural hematomas</b> because
subdural hematomas because

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Comments on "Hematoma, Subdural, Acute"

  • My 91 yr old father fell and had a subdural hematoma. He was hospitalized, the bleeding stopped and they sent him home with scheduled followup CT scans 4 weeks later. The followup scans showed the blood was thickening and Dr said it should resolve itself...  (+)
  • I was told by the doctors on 4/21 that there is a 99% chance my small, subdural hematoma will heal by it self. I don’t have any pain unless I inadvertently jar my head or move it to fast. I go back on 4/29 for another CT scan. Anyone else have or ‘had...  (+)
  • Tess, did anyone respond to your question. Did you make that flight and did you have any problems? I was also in an auto accident 2 years ago and had 2 large acute subdural hematomas and am concerned for my future. How are you doing since your accident?...  (+)
  • Was in a serious car accident in June of 2010 when we were sitting still and a truck driver ran into the back of our Lincoln Town Car and totalled it. Was treated for broken right foot and had serious back pain for months. 3 months after the accident, my...  (+)
  • Hello, I have 2mm subdural haematoma which happened on 25th of April after I was hit by a car while riding my byke. I have trip planed to Europe flying out on 17 June about 7 weeks after the accident. I was told that the haematoma will absorb on its own....  (+)

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