A relatively small nodular inflammatory lesion containing grouped mononuclear phagocytes, caused by infectious and noninfectious agents.


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<b>Granuloma</b> mac.jpg
Granuloma mac.jpg

<b>Granuloma</b> without necrosis in
Granuloma without necrosis in

<b>Granuloma</b> annulare.jpg
Granuloma annulare.jpg

<b>Granuloma</b> Ode to the <b>granuloma</b>
Granuloma Ode to the granuloma

Histoplasmosis <b>Granuloma</b>
Histoplasmosis Granuloma


File:CD <b>Granuloma</b>.jpg
File:CD Granuloma.jpg

Only one <b>granuloma</b> remains on
Only one granuloma remains on

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Sperm granulomaGranulomatous mastitisSupperative granulomaSilicone granulomaZirconium granulomaFibrin ring granulomaGranulomaBeryllium granulomaInterstitial granulomatous dermatitisIdiopathic facial aseptic granuloma

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  • why does the medical unfit me to work when they detect oi had calcified granuloma?  (+)
  • i have a plyogenic granuloma on my thumb that hasnt gone away for 4-5 months. I keep opening up the injury while fishing. (got the plyogenic granuloma while trying to dig out a sliver) Pretty confident it's nothing derious, would just like some advice on a...  (+)

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