The production of a dense fibrous network of neuroglia; includes astrocytosis, which is a proliferation of astrocytes in the area of a degenerative lesion.


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Bergmann <b>gliosis</b>
Bergmann gliosis

Reactive <b>gliosis</b>: gemistocytes
Reactive gliosis: gemistocytes

Reactive <b>gliosis</b>: gemistocytic
Reactive gliosis: gemistocytic


Reactive <b>gliosis</b>: stellate
Reactive gliosis: stellate

cuffs and <b>gliosis</b>
cuffs and gliosis

File:Bergmann <b>gliosis</b>
File:Bergmann gliosis

Reactive <b>gliosis</b>
Reactive gliosis

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Comments on "Gliosis"

  • MRI of brain w/wo contrast: Findings: The gray matter/white matter differential appears well maintained. Scattered areas of high signal in subcortical and periventricular deep white matter, on T2 weighted images, indicating nonspecific gliosis, due to smal...  (+)
  • Hello, I desperately need help understanding what the results of my MRI below mean. I have 1 year ago a emergency brain surgery, then one mo after it I started experiencing weird symptoms, swelling of the legs, edema bad I had trouble walking, when the did...  (+)
  • My brain mri showed the following. What does this mean and could it mean early Alzheimers? Small nonspecific foci of abnormal T2 prolongation/FLAIR hyperintensity within the cerrebral white matter. These are nonspecific likely reflect small areas of glios...  (+)
  • My mother 51 yrs of age has suffered with migraines and dizziness all her life, she had on a previous MRI (pituitary micro-adenoma) not seen now???, Guillan Barre Syndrom, Transverse Myelitis, siezures and she is diabetic, please explain this MRI?? Left i...  (+)
  • My MRI states I have small focus of nonenhancing signal alteration invloving the left cerebral peduncle.This may be due to Gliosis. What does this mean and should I follow up with any particular specialist? Kim  (+)
  • I received an MRi report that said "minimal periventricular and central white matter gliotic foci that are of questionable clinical significance considering their paucity and distribution". What does that mean?  (+)

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