The production of a dense fibrous network of neuroglia; includes astrocytosis, which is a proliferation of astrocytes in the area of a degenerative lesion.


Bergmann <b>gliosis</b>

Bergmann gliosis

via German,

via German,

Reactive <b>gliosis</b>: stellate

Reactive gliosis: stellate

Reactive <b>gliosis</b>: gemistocytes

Reactive gliosis: gemistocytes

XALD: <b>gliosis</b> and inflammation

XALD: gliosis and inflammation

neuronal loss with <b>gliosis</b>

neuronal loss with gliosis

along with <b>gliosis</b>.

along with gliosis.

<b>gliosis</b> and neuronal loss.

gliosis and neuronal loss.

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