Fibrous proteins secreted by insects and spiders. Generally, the term refers to silkworm fibroin secreted by the silk gland cells of SILKWORMS, bombyx mori. Spider fibroins are called spidroins or dragline silk fibroins.




Overall, the silk <b>fibroin</b>

Overall, the silk fibroin

Silk <b><b>Fibroin</b></b> Structure

Silk <b>Fibroin</b> Structure

(B) Silk <b>fibroin</b> prepared from

(B) Silk fibroin prepared from

<b>fibroin</b> from cocoon.

fibroin from cocoon.

about silk <b>fibroins</b> by

about silk fibroins by

Figure 3

Figure 3

<b>Fibroin</b> 70-80% Sericin 20-30%

Fibroin 70-80% Sericin 20-30%

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