Eye Infections, Fungal
(Mycosis, Ocular; Mycotic Infections, Ocular; Ocular Infections, Fungal; Oculomycosis)

infection by a variety of fungi, usually through four possible mechanisms: superficial infection producing conjunctivitis, keratitis, or lacrimal obstruction; extension of infection from neighboring structures - skin, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx; direct introduction during surgery or accidental penetrating trauma; or via the blood or lymphatic routes in patients with underlying mycoses.


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treatment of <b>fungus</b>-induced
treatment of fungus-induced

form of <b>eye infection</b> and
form of eye infection and

<b>Eye Infections</b>, <b>Fungal</b>
Eye Infections, Fungal

<b>Fungal infections</b> of the
Fungal infections of the

<b>fungal eye infections</b>
fungal eye infections

<b>fungal infection</b> known as
fungal infection known as

<b>eye infections</b>, <b>fungus</b>
eye infections, fungus

<b>Fungal infections</b> of the
Fungal infections of the

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