One of the three major groups of endogenous opioid peptides. They are large peptides derived from the pro-opiomelanocortin precursor. The known members of this group are alpha-, beta-, and gamma-endorphin. The term endorphin is also sometimes used to refer to all opioid peptides, but the narrower sense is used here; opioid peptides is used for the broader group.






Got <b>Endorphins</b>?

Got Endorphins?

of beta-<b>endorphin</b>

of beta-endorphin

<b>Endorphins</b> come from the words

Endorphins come from the words

of the <b>endorphin</b> release

of the endorphin release

Figure 2. Leu-enkephalin

Figure 2. Leu-enkephalin

Science Books, <b>Endorphin</b>

Science Books, Endorphin

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