(Cerebromalacia; Encephalomalacia, Multicystic)

Softening or loss of brain tissue following cerebral infarction; cerebral ischemia (see brain ischemia), infection, craniocerebral trauma, or other injury. The term is often used during gross pathologic inspection to describe blurred cortical margins and decreased consistency of brain tissue following infarction. Multicystic encephalomalacia refers to the formation of multiple cystic cavities of various sizes in the cerebral cortex of neonates and infants following injury, most notably perinatal hypoxia-ischemic events. (From Davis et al., Textbook of Neuropathology, 2nd ed, p665; J Neuropathol Exp Neurol, 1995 Mar;54(2):268-75)


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<b>Encephalomalacia</b> of the Right
Encephalomalacia of the Right

Left temporal <b>encephalomalacia</b>
Left temporal encephalomalacia

<b>Encephalomalacia</b> after MCA
Encephalomalacia after MCA



<b>Encephalomalacia</b> and Fluid
Encephalomalacia and Fluid

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Comments on "Encephalomalacia"

  • I fell in september MRI results: Encephalomalacia inferior frontal lobe bilaterally involving gyrus recti and orbital gyri bilaterally, right greaterthan left. This is at the level of the olfactory tracts which are presumably involved and most likely repre...  (+)
  • Kindly explain about the following MRI report. "Cystic encephalomalacia is seen in right frontal lobe and right inferior temporal gyrus which follows CSF signal intensity on all pulse sequences. The margins of the encephalomalacic region appear hyp...  (+)
  • MY one and half month old boy had brain MRI scan, the report shows : "bilateral parieto occipital region shows changes of encephalomalacia with atrophy of the underlying matter and exvacuo dilation of the occipital horn of the both the lateral ventr...  (+)
  • left cortical lobe causes by accident  (+)
  • Findings: Examination is compared to previous 04/19/10. again noted is mild atrophy and small vessel ischemic changes. There is a small to moderate sized area of encephalomalacia in the right parietal lobe. There is no evidence for inter cranial hemorr...  (+)
  • my girlfriend is 36 y/o and suffers from migraines, she has a family history of two sisters that had severe headaches, before passing away, one on the way to the hospital. Her mri/mra and the results/comments are such. Mature encephalmalacia is demonstrat...  (+)
  • i want  (+)
  • have you had any implant material of any kind, such as fillers, or bone grafting material or any implants of any kind? Email me at Lmarietao@juno.com. CJD can cause the brain tissue to change & I would like to discuss this with you. Linda  (+)
  • dear sir Findings Areas of old infarct with gliosis and cystic encephalomalacia seen in right MCA territory in the right fronto-parietal region. Frontal horn of right lateral ventricle is dilated. There us waallerian degeneration. Rest of cerebral parench...  (+)
  • I recently had an MRI because the right side of my body doesnt move properly, i walk with a limp etc. can u explain to me exactly what these results mean. It says as follows; "An established left lacunar infarct within the basal ganglia was reported ...  (+)

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