Metal devices for fastening together two or more parts of dental prostheses for stabilizing or retaining them by attachment to abutment teeth. For a precision attachment for a partial denture denture precision attachment is available.


Digital <b>Dental</b> Technologies

Digital Dental Technologies

DurAcetal® <b>Clasp</b>

DurAcetal® Clasp

<b>clasps</b> on her front <b>teeth</b>

clasps on her front teeth

produce <b>Dental</b> 'D' <b>clasps</b>

produce Dental 'D' clasps

Ball <b>clasp</b>

Ball clasp

Wrought Wire <b>Clasps</b>

Wrought Wire Clasps

Stainless Steel Wire <b>Clasps</b>

Stainless Steel Wire Clasps

<b>Clasps</b> Itsoclear <b>Clasps</b>

Clasps Itsoclear Clasps

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