Deficiency diseases

A condition produced by dietary or metabolic deficiency. The term includes all diseases caused by an insufficient supply of essential nutrients, i.e., protein (or amino acids), vitamins, and minerals. It also includes an inadequacy of calories. (From Dorland, 27th ed; Stedman, 25th ed)


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<b>Deficiency Diseases</b> Charts
Deficiency Diseases Charts

<b>deficiency diseases</b>
deficiency diseases

This <b>disease</b> was noted in the
This disease was noted in the

Select nutrient-<b>deficiency</b>
Select nutrient-deficiency

<b>deficiency diseases</b> may
deficiency diseases may

Magnesium <b>Deficiency</b> in
Magnesium Deficiency in

autoimmune <b>disease</b> and
autoimmune disease and

Folate-<b>deficiency diseases</b> are
Folate-deficiency diseases are

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