Carotid Stenosis
(Carotid Artery Narrowing; Carotid Ulcer)

Narrowing or stricture of the internal, common, or external carotid artery, most often as a result of atherosclerotic plaque formation. Ulcerations may form in atherosclerotic plaques and induce thrombus formation. Platelet or cholesterol emboli may arise from stenotic carotid lesions and induce a transient ischemic attack (ischemic attack, transient) or cerebrovascular accident. Emboli which travel to the eye may manifest as amaurosis fugax (temporary blindness). (From Adams et al., Principles of neurology, 6th ed, pp822-3)


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<b>Carotid</b> artery <b>stenosis</b>
Carotid artery stenosis

<b>Carotid stenosis</b> refers to the
Carotid stenosis refers to the

<b>Carotid Stenosis</b> diagnosed
Carotid Stenosis diagnosed

Evaluation of <b>Carotid Stenosis</b>
Evaluation of Carotid Stenosis

Angiogram of the <b>carotid</b>
Angiogram of the carotid

<b>carotid stenosis</b>
carotid stenosis

<b>Carotid</b> artery <b>stenosis</b>
Carotid artery stenosis

About <b>carotid stenosis</b>
About carotid stenosis

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  • I have a 10 - 15% plaque build up in my carotid artery. I already take a statin and it has kept my cholesterol at around 150 and the ratios have been satisfactory. My question is could this build up be from before I got my cholesterol under control? Or ...  (+)
  • Hi, I am a 34 year old male. I try to eat healthy, non-smoker, work out when I can and and generally try to stay healthy. I had a duplex carotid ultrasound by a medical center who came to work (by mistake?). The results were that I have 50-69% Stenosis in ...  (+)
  • I am 27 and have Supra Ventricular Tachycardia and 50-69% stenosis in my common carotid artery. This was all diagnosed due to temporary blindness. I have been trying to find out if there is any congenital reason for this at my age?  (+)

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