Infarctions that occur in the brain stem which is comprised of the MIDBRAIN; pons; and medulla oblongata. There are several named syndromes characterized by their distinctive clinical manifestations and specific sites of ischemic injury.


CT of <b>brainstem</b> i.

CT of brainstem i.

<b><b>brainstem infarct</b></b>

<b>brainstem infarct</b>

A <b>brainstem infarction</b> can

A brainstem infarction can



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Image not available.

<b>infarct</b> of the <b>brainstem</b>

infarct of the brainstem

<b>Infarction</b> of <b>Brainstem</b>

Infarction of Brainstem

MRI scan of person with

MRI scan of person with

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