Brain Stem Infarctions
(Benedict Syndrome; Claude Syndrome; Foville Syndrome; Millard-Gublar Syndrome; Top of the Basilar Syndrome; Weber Syndrome)

Infarctions that occur in the brain stem which is comprised of the midbrain, pons, and medulla. There are several named syndromes characterized by their distinctive clinical manifestations and specific sites of ischemic injury.


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the <b>brain stem</b> or pons.
the brain stem or pons.

<b>brainstem</b> infarct (arrow)
brainstem infarct (arrow)

<b>Brain Stem Infarctions</b>
Brain Stem Infarctions

CT of <b>brainstem</b> i... Case 2
CT of brainstem i... Case 2

<b>Brainstem</b> glioma
Brainstem glioma

<b>brain stem infarction</b>
brain stem infarction

<b>Brain Stem</b>. Endpoint
Brain Stem. Endpoint

Magnify <b>Brainstem Infarction</b>
Magnify Brainstem Infarction

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Klippel–Trénaunay–Weber syndromeSturge–Weber syndromeWeber's syndromeParkes Weber syndromeAriel GasperiniGasperiniGiovanni GasperiniLuciano GasperiniGian Piero GasperiniLMI

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