Conjugates of betalamic acid with amino acids. Some of them are yellow coloring agents in the Caryophyllales order of plants. This should not be confused with xanthin which is a term used for CAROTENES nor with xanthines.


“synthetic” <b>betaxanthins</b>

“synthetic” betaxanthins

<b>betaxanthins</b> [e.g. 1])

betaxanthins [e.g. 1])

Figure 2.

Figure 2.

Figure 6.

Figure 6.

Figure 1.

Figure 1.

and (b) <b>betaxanthins</b>.

and (b) betaxanthins.

<b>betaxanthins</b> (yellows).

betaxanthins (yellows).

<b>betaxanthins</b>(Kays, 1991)

betaxanthins(Kays, 1991)

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