Very toxic industrial chemicals. They are absorbed through the skin, causing lethal blood, bladder, liver, and kidney damage and are potent, broad-spectrum carcinogens in most species.


<b>Benzidine</b> rearrangement

Benzidine rearrangement

<b>Benzidine</b> rearrangement.png

Benzidine rearrangement.png



EPA Method 553, <b>Benzidines</b> and

EPA Method 553, Benzidines and

Keyword: <b>Benzidines</b> / Phenols

Keyword: Benzidines / Phenols

<b>Benzidines</b> on Envirosep-PP

Benzidines on Envirosep-PP

Skeletal formula of <b>benzidine</b>

Skeletal formula of benzidine

Substituted <b>benzidines</b> and

Substituted benzidines and

Symptoms and diagnosis



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