Antibiotic complex obtained from streptomyces bambergiensis containing mainly Moenomycins A and C. They are used as feed additives and growth promoters for poultry, swine, and cattle.


<b>Bambermycin</b> 8%

Bambermycin 8%



<b>Bambermycin</b> 4%, View poultry

Bambermycin 4%, View poultry

Flavomycin/<b>Bambermycins</b> 4%,8%

Flavomycin/Bambermycins 4%,8%

Flavomycin/<b>Bambermycins</b> 4%

Flavomycin/Bambermycins 4%

<b>bambermycins</b> powder

bambermycins powder

<b>Bambermycin</b>; Flavomycin

Bambermycin; Flavomycin



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