(Babesiasis; Piroplasmosis)

A group of tick-borne diseases of mammals including zoonoses in humans. They are caused by PROTOZOANS of the genus babesia, which parasitize erythrocytes, producing hemolysis. In the U.S., the organism's natural host is mice and transmission is by the deer tick ixodes SCAPULARIS.


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Cats are infected by <b>BABESIA</b>
Cats are infected by BABESIA

<b>Babesia</b> Canis - Typical
Babesia Canis - Typical


Human patients with <b>babesiosis</b>
Human patients with babesiosis

Four species of <b>babesia</b> have
Four species of babesia have

Etiology <b>Babesia</b> spp.
Etiology Babesia spp.

(<b>Babesiosis</b>) [<b>Babesia</b> sp.
(Babesiosis) [Babesia sp.

Human <b>Babesiosis</b> in Japan:
Human Babesiosis in Japan:

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