Arthus Reaction
(Arthus Phenomenon)

A dermal inflammatory reaction produced under conditions of antibody excess, when a second injection of antigen produces intravascular antigen-antibody complexes which bind complement, causing cell clumping, endothelial damage, and vascular necrosis.


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Pulmonary <b>Arthus Reaction</b>
Pulmonary Arthus Reaction

<b>Arthus</b>) <b>Reactions</b>
Arthus) Reactions

showing an <b>arthus reaction</b>
showing an arthus reaction

of a local <b>Arthus reaction</b>
of a local Arthus reaction

of <b>Arthus Reaction</b>. 2.
of Arthus Reaction. 2.

<b>Arthus reaction</b> in cornea
Arthus reaction in cornea

from 8 hr <b>Arthus Reaction</b>
from 8 hr Arthus Reaction

in the <b>Arthus reaction</b>
in the Arthus reaction

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