Substances capable of killing agents causing urinary tract infections or of preventing them from spreading.




<b>Anti</b>-<b>Infective Agents</b>,

Anti-Infective Agents,

<b>Urinary</b> Tract <b>Anti</b>-<b>infective</b>

Urinary Tract Anti-infective

<b>Anti</b>-Bacterial <b>Agents</b>

Anti-Bacterial Agents

<b>Anti</b>-<b>Infective Agents</b>

Anti-Infective Agents

<b>urinary</b> tract infection,

urinary tract infection,

<b>Anti</b>-<b>infective</b>, <b>urinary</b>

Anti-infective, urinary

Nitrofurantoin <b>Urinary</b> tract

Nitrofurantoin Urinary tract


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