A reduction in the number of circulating erythrocytes or in the quantity of hemoglobin.


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Herbal remedies for <b>anemia</b> are
Herbal remedies for anemia are

Aplastic <b>anemia</b> is a rare
Aplastic anemia is a rare

Do You Struggle with <b>Anemia</b>?
Do You Struggle with Anemia?

Know if You Are <b>Anemic</b> Step 2.
Know if You Are Anemic Step 2.

Las células rojas y la <b>anemia</b>
Las células rojas y la anemia

Other causes of <b>anemia</b> include
Other causes of anemia include

How is <b>anemia</b> treated?
How is anemia treated?

<b>Anemia</b> Eyes VS Normal Eyes
Anemia Eyes VS Normal Eyes

Diagnosis and therapies



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  • The cause is not known in most cases This is called 'dysfunctional uterine bleeding'. In this condition the uterus (womb) and ovaries are normal. It is not a hormone problem. Ovulation is usually normal and the periods are regular. A chemical called prosta...  (+)
  • I have anemia due to the aount of blood I loose every month when I am on my period..I loose the same amount of blood as someone does when they have a misscarriage. I am sick, tired..fainting, heavy breathing. stomach cramps. I have been prescripted with t...  (+)

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