African Swine Fever Virus
(Wart-Hog Disease Virus)

The lone species of the genus Asfivirus. It infects domestic and wild pigs, warthogs, and bushpigs. disease is endemic in domestic swine in many African countries and Sardinia. Soft ticks of the genus ornithodoros are also infected and act as vectors.


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<b>African swine fever virus</b>
African swine fever virus

<b>African swine fever</b> (ASF)
African swine fever (ASF)

<b>African swine fever virus</b>.
African swine fever virus.

<b>African swine fever virus</b>
African swine fever virus

<b>African Swine Fever Virus</b> Is
African Swine Fever Virus Is

<b>African swine fever virus</b>
African swine fever virus

<b>African Swine Fever virus</b>
African Swine Fever virus

<b>African Swine Fever</b>
African Swine Fever

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