Activated Protein C Resistance
(APC Resistance)

A hemostatic disorder characterized by a poor anticoagulant response to activated protein c (APC). The activated form of Factor V (factor va) is more slowly degraded by activated protein c. Factor V Leiden mutation (R506Q) is the most common cause of APC resistance.


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of <b>Activated Protein C</b>
of Activated Protein C

<b>Protein C</b> - Wikipedia
Protein C - Wikipedia

Factor V Leiden
Factor V Leiden

<b>Resistance</b> to <b>activated</b>
Resistance to activated

Where is <b>activated protein C</b>
Where is activated protein C

APC = <b>activated protein C</b>;
APC = activated protein C;

<b>Activated protein C resistance</b>
Activated protein C resistance

<b>Protein C</b>–<b>protein</b> S–factor V
Protein Cprotein S–factor V

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Activated protein C resistanceVågåmoLeiden ClassicalMartynas Šv?gžda von BekkerBéla VágóR v GHøvågVágaVíg?ašBlåhø (Vågå)

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