(Choked Disk; Optic Papilla Edema; Optic Disk Edema; Papillitis, Optic)

Swelling of the optic disk, usually in association with increased intracranial pressure, characterized by hyperemia, blurring of the disk margins, microhemorrhages, blind spot enlargement, and engorgement of retinal veins. Chronic papilledema may cause optic atrophy and visual loss. (Miller et al., Clinical Neuro-ophthalmology, 4th ed, p175)


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Severe acute <b>papilledema</b>.
Severe acute papilledema.

<b>Papilledema</b> Pictures
Papilledema Pictures

<b>Papilledema</b> Pictures
Papilledema Pictures

<b>Papilledema</b> Pictures
Papilledema Pictures

With Grade II <b>papilledema</b>,
With Grade II papilledema,

(Grade I <b>papilledema</b>).
(Grade I papilledema).

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  • I have had headaches for about 3 weeks now. They come and go a few times a day and include dizziness and sometimes I get nauseous. I have been to my family dr. who has already put me on 2 different antibiotics b/c she assumed it was a sinus infection. Bloo...  (+)
  • I have Papilledema and I was wondering if I could start birth control. A website said that birth control can cause Papilledema so i didn't know if taking it could make the condition worse.  (+)
  • Im 23 and been going to the eye clinic in the hospital last 3weeks and went last year for 8months they discharged me and now returned as I have constant headaches and nausia, always worst in mornings and last till 2pm between this time i would rate them th...  (+)

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