My Hero and Her Story

This is my daughter Natalia De Jesús. She was born in New York, NY in January 2001. Before Natalia was born, in mom’s womb (through an echo), she was diagnosed with Truncus Arteriosis. Termination of the pregnancy was suggested a few times to mom and dad, but that was never an alternative for us. Upon birth Dr. Leo Liberman (Natalia’s cardiologist in NY’s Presbyterian Hospital) told us that Natalia did not have Truncus Arteriosis, but had Tetralogy of Falot, Pulmonary Atresia and Pulmonary Stenosis. That was our first miracle in a long chain of miracles, which would take forever to narrate. The big picture miracle is that Natalia is now 6 and ½ years old, she lives in Monterrey, Mexico and is a perfectly normal child with an incredibly happy and joyful childhood. This, however, has come with a great deal of effort on her side (Natalia is a heckuva fighter!). She has had 6 heart surgeries performed, assisted and supervised by incredible human beings and professionals, 2 of which have been open heart surgeries performed by Dr. John Lamberti in New York, 4 cardiac catheterizations and stent placements, 1 in New York, NY, 2 with Dr. Frank Ing in San Diego, CA and 1 with Dr. Ing in Houston, TX. In Mexico Natalia is followed up by her great friend Dr. Yañez (an amazing human being that deserves a completely different story). Despite some tough surgeries, Natalia has done perfect throughout her life. Se has been pretty much asymptomatic. She enjoys her little brother and sister, school, her dog (Don Pilón), insects and reptiles. However, given her stenosis, she needs to take daily medication and her pulmonary valves need to be periodically widened in order for them to be able to handle an adequate blood flow without stressing the heart’s right ventricle too much. Natalia has spent since November 2003 and up until July 2007 with no surgeries. However, 2007 has been a tough year for her given that she had a thorough checkup in June 2007, a cardiac catheterization in July 2007 and is scheduled to have open heart surgery in October in San Diego, CA with Dr. Lamberti. This mosaic/collage is about Natalia’s life and happiness, and about the joy she represents for her little brother and sister, mom and dad, and all of our family and friends. It is also about Natalia’s friends and those friends of the family that have helped us through difficult times (I cannot include every single one of you (you know who you are), because this mosaic would need an entire wall). Although I was somewhat reluctant about sharing this, I decided to do so and let you all know that we are out here to help (and I mean anyone, but particularly those of you that share similar experiences). You can always count with our support, understanding, thoughts and prayers. Natalia’s mom and dad, and a group of friends moved by Natalia’s charisma, started working in 2002 on a project for the support of families that live with congenital heart defects (CardioChavitos). Although thus far it is mainly moral support, understanding and tips and information that we offer, we hope to eventually have the capacity to offer that and more, and in a much more organized manner and with a wider geographical coverage. If you want to drop a picture and/or lines for Natalia de Jesús, she would very much love it. We will show/read them to her during recovery at the hospital. We are confident in God that Natalia will once again do great in and after surgery. View Large Size

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