oral candidiasis in cancer patient

exposure to 56 Gray during radiation treatment for mouth cancer and accompanying damage to the salivary glands inflicted the local immune system severely, so the patient has developed oral candidiasis. the fungal infection is spreading to the back of his throat, which causes severe discomfort / gagging. local anti-fungal therapy has been started, which can be accompanied by systemic treatment if not successful. as the patient is receiving chemotherapy, damage to the immune system (indicated by a drop in leucocytes) may be dangerous, as in this case, the fungal infection may spread to the oesophagus area and other organs, which would be very dangerous. in this case, the patient would be hospitalized and placed in an isolation room to prevent him coming in contact with any further germs. in some cases, the immune status of chemotherapy patients may be as bad as in people with HIV/AIDS; luckily, the immune system usually recovers once chemotherapy is stopped, though. however, in rare cases, leukemia may develop as a side-effect of chemotherapy.

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