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I have got a tetanus injection from a sexy nurse in my buttock. Is it necessary to remove the pant?

I have got a tetanus injection from a nurse in my buttock. She told me to take off my pant. After giving the injection she has touched my penis.

Yeah, right. Nurses see so many naked men, they don't even look most of the time. But you keep on dreaming...
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Why does tetanus not affect the heart muscle?

I am doing a report on tetanus for school. I have found that tetanus affects all mucles but not the heart. Can anyone explain why that is?

Most muscles are "skeletal" muscles, basically meaning that they are VOLUNTARY. The heart muscle, for obvious reasons is not. You don't consciously tell your heart to beat.  (+ info)

What are my chances of tetanus from this incident?

Okay, so I scraped my leg on a rusty trailer wheel well at work.
There was a slight scratch but it was through my jeans, so I don't know if my skin even came in contact with the rust or if it was my jeans.
I cleaned the scratch immediately with rubbing alcohol.
I had the tetanus shot when I was 14 (I am now 23)

I am a bit of a hypochondriac, so I don't know if I am overreacting or not.

It's quite unlikely that you will get tetanus from this incident. The bacteria that cases tetanus is one in which is anaerobic meaning it doesn't require oxygen to live. Most infections of tetanus happen when people get deep puncture wounds and not from simple contact with rust. A tetanus shot is probably a good thing to get here soon as you should be getting one once ever 10 years or so. I don't think you have anything to worry about as far as a tetanus infection is concerned.  (+ info)

What is the disease called that paralyzes you after a tetanus shot?

A friend had gotten a tetanus shot and it made them paralyzed. It took a few years to get back to themself but still has major problems

dragonkis...... I suggest that you do more research before you give an answer like that. That answer was way off base. Myasthenia gravis has nothing to do with tetanus, or lockjaw by its common name.
By definition:
Pronunciation: 'tet-&-n&s
Function: noun
1 : a dangerous infectious disease marked by contraction of the muscles especially of the jaws and caused by a poison made by a bacterium that usually enters the body through a wound -- compare LOCKJAW
2 : contraction of a muscle for a much longer time than normal that results from rapidly repeated motor nerve impulses ( also called tetani)

My husband has myasthenia gravis and it has to do with the nervous system. The muscles of the body become weaker or loose their ability to function because nerves are damaged due to the destruction of the myelin or protective covering over the nerves. It is an auto-immune disease. It can effect all the muscles of the body or it can be just ocular and effect just the eyes and facial muscles. It can be and many times is progressive. Look it up!!!!  (+ info)

Is it possible to get Tetanus even after a Tetanus shot is given?

I was given a tetanus shot after a cat bit me. Now my jaws feel tight and rigid.

Is this a reaction to the tetanus shot?
Why would the medicine be fake?

well firstly with tetnus you will feel a lot of other thigns before your jaw get's locked. it could be a mild reaction to the shot as the shot was actualy just a small dose of tetanus. so it is technicaly possible to get it after you have had a shot, but it would be very unlikely. if you feel you are indanger you shoud see the doctor that gave you the shot  (+ info)

How bad would you say tetanus shots hurt?

I have a pretty high pain tolerance and i am behind like a year on tetanus and i have to get one in july. ex: Got hit with a very fast soccer ball in the nose and didn't shed a tear. How bad would you say they hurt and any suggestions on how to make it hurt less like to (relax, etc???)
I haven't had a shot in about 7 years i have no idea how a regular shot feels like either.

It was the most painful shot i have ever had to receive
It hurt during (while the needle was in my arm) and after. My arm felt as it had been hit by a car
But I have a very very very low tolerance to pain, and since you have a high tolerace i doubt it will hurt that badly
you will probably have some discomfort and some pain after but nothing too bad
Also---when the doctors are about to give you the shot take deep breaths, it will make it hurt even less
:)  (+ info)

What happens when I get a Tetanus Vaccine overdose?

I have had 2 tetanus vaccinations within the past year: My first in October 31 2006, and one yesterday on June 20 2007 (Without remembering about my October vaccination) . As a result I have EXTREMELY painful muscle soreness, as well as a 102 degree fever, which goes up and down at an unnatural rate. Within the space of 16 hours my fever went from 102 to 99 to 104 to 100. Are there any other side effects I may experience, and is it possibly fatal?
In response to killfoot2001: I contacted my doctor the second my temperature shot up, and he said that it was a reaction of an overdose. What he didn't tell me, however, was other possible reactions.

I doubt this is from an 'overdose'.. But you should call the doctor who gave it to you and tell him whats going on.  (+ info)

Can a tetanus shot cause inflamed lymph nodes?

A week ago, I got slashed by a house cat. I went to the emergency room, just to be safe, and they gave me a tetanus shot. A few days after that, I could feel something round rolling under the skin of my neck. Could it be a lymph node? That side of my neck feels stuffed up, like a head cold.

It's not near where the cat got me and the cut is healing fine.

I don't believe that your symptoms are a result of the Tetanus Shot.
Check out this website
tetanus-allergy/  (+ info)

is it standard procedure to get the Tetanus shot when you get bit by a dog?

I'm not talking about the rabies shot but the Tetanus one. Would someone who gets a good dog bite in the face normally get it as standard procedure in an emergency room ?

If it's been over 10 years since your last one, then the ER will administer a tetanus.  (+ info)

What can happen if I get my tetanus shot too soon?

I cut myself and I'm unsure when I got my last tetanus shot. I think I got one last year but I'm really not sure. I wanted to go get one to be on the safe side, but I've heard that if you get it too early it can have really bad effects.

If I were you I would go ahead and get that shot. A couple days of soreness is way better than lockjaw.  (+ info)

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