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waardenburg syndrome?

can someone please tell me the average person to have this disease?

1 in 42,000 people have Waardenburg Syndrome. But, only about 20% have type 2, and of those the 77% with hearing loss only about 20% have severe or total hearing loss. My ex-husbands mother has Waardenburgs and was deaf at birth. No one else in the family is deaf, although about half of the children and grandchildren have at least one symptom. My son has two different colored eyes and patches of pigmentless skin. What exactly did you want to know?  (+ info)

Are there any Prenatal tests to check for Waardenburg Syndrome?

I'm doing a project in biology for Waardenburg Syndrome, and I can not find out anything about Prenatal testing for it. Thanks:)
Waardenburg Syndrome is aka Albinism

There are DNA tests for it. These sites have some information on testing.  (+ info)

Has anybody heard of a condition called waardenburg syndrome?

try this link, it answers most of the questions you can think of.  (+ info)

Is Waardenburg Syndrome sex-linked or autosomal?

Is Waardenburg Syndrome sex-linked or autosomal

  (+ info)

Medical Professionals Only: Does this baby have Waardenburg Syndrome?

Here is a pic of him:

On the website, someone mentioned that he might have it and I researched some of the symptoms and I realized he might.
His name is Laren Galloway.

It is a possibility. But going on just the clue of blue eyes isn't enough to confirm a diagnosis. Bring the child to your local doctor to get checked out.  (+ info)

I have a child born with Waardenburg syndrome.?

My other children are all able to hear but there father is waardenburg. will there children be affected or my oldest child is now expecting her first child

This link should answer your question.  (+ info)

Waardenburg's Syndrome - Know anything?

I went to the doctor to have my ears cleaned out because my earwax is overproductive and I get "plugs" (gross, I know...sorry.) so the doctor cleaned it out and...I felt like they were still plugged. So they gave me a hearing exam and said that I was still within normal range *but* the nurse asked me about a lock of white hair that I've had since high school. She asked me if anyone in my family had it and I told her my father had white temples, but that's it. (He can't hear in one ear but it may be because of the time he stuck a pea in it.) Anyway, everyone asks me about it so it didn't seem out of the ordinary...then she told me about Waardenburg's. They didn't diagnose anything but they gave me the name written down so I could look it up on my own and if anything was suspect, I could come back.

When I looked it up, most of the people pictured looked...well, mentally retarded. Where most of the other cases have very light eyes, my eyes appear green, but are really blue with brown splotches (another symptom of the syndrome).

So does anyone know anything about this syndrome? Do you know anyone who has been diagnosed? I'm just curious to know anything about it.

I suppose I should add that I *thought* my ears would be plugged because I can't hear well, but the doctor only cleaned a little out of my left ear and said the right one was fine to begin with.

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Could I have Waardenburg Syndrome?

I recently stumbled upon some information about the sydrom, and after reading about the symptoms I think I may have it. One of my eyes is green with brown patches (here's a link to a photo, I hope it works... ) I also was born with a cleft lip, and have looked into it a little bit and facial abnormalities can be another symptom. I also have two patches on my skin, one similar to the shape of half a penny, and the other a pencil eraser, that do not tan. They are small, and so I'm not sure if they really have any revelance. I know one of the biggest symptoms is deafness, but I can hear completely fine. Do you think I am being a complete hypochondriac, or could I be onto something? Also, is there anything I should be concerned about? Thanks, serious responses, please!

I don't know what that other person is talking about... I personally have waardenburg syndrome and am not deaf or hard of hearing. Waardenburg syndrome patients can have varying degrees of the symptoms the only sure way to know whether or not you have it is to have genetic testing done because W.S. is a gene mutation. My W.S. symptoms include the facial abnormalities you mentioned (to a small degree), i don't have different colored eyes or blue eyes but I do have patchy skin but no white hair. Hope this helps :)  (+ info)

What is the name of the syndrome that the person may appear to have facial characteristics of down's syndrome?

I previously watched a documentary about sufferers of a syndrome whose facial features appeared to be down's syndrome but it wasn't down's syndrome. The grow to be quite large adults and have special needs. Does anyone know the name of this condition?

Klinefelter syndrome  (+ info)

Are there different types of Down syndrome and what areas of the body does Down syndrome affect? ?

Also, are there any significant statistics related to Down syndrome? Has Down syndrome received any recent attention from the media? Are there any famous people that have Down syndrome.
Answer as many of the above questions as possible.

There are three types of Down syndrome, garden variety Trisomy 21, mosaicism and translocation.

Read more at:

Welcoming Babies with Down Syndrome (English, Spanish, French)

There is a slide show that also incorporates videos of the featured 'More Alike than Different' cast at the National Down Syndrome Congress website:

And great information at the National Down Syndrome Society website:
Down Syndrome Fact Sheet

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Down Syndrome Links at the Family Village website

Check out this recent New York Times article:

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Have fun with your research!
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