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sciatica :(?

I have sciatica down my left side, it hurts like hell!!! need some remedies for it, not into taking prescription drugs, so any other ideas? it radiates into my ass and then shoots into the top of my leg and calf. :(:( Anyone had this?

Yep had and still have it after many years. I am no longer able to take painkillers or anti inflammatory as heavy use over the years has damaged my liver and kidneys.
I have used heat pads, they help a little. Injections into the spine can help...depending of the skill of the doctor who does the injection. The single most useful thing I have done is a back rehabilitation course. It consisted of exercises which strengthen the spinal muscles and surrounding muscles. I still have pain but its been much more bearable since I did the rehabilitation. Also try and find a pain support group which you can attend. Others in the same situation can be a great support. Some groups also have relaxation sessions, hypnotism and other alternative remedy sessions to help their members.  (+ info)

Sciatica ?

I have been diagnosed 2 times in the last 6 months with sciatica and been put on pain meds and muscles relaxers, what is sciatica and what can be done to help with the pain besides all the drugs? Please help me becasue the pain gets unbearable at times and all my doctor tells me is that it is caused from over use, what am i over useing?

I know of two people who suffer from this very painful problem. Both of them have refused to take the drugs their doctors prescribed. Both go to an Upper Cervical Chiropractic Doctor. These doctors are NOTHING like the regular chiropractor. There is NO popping, twisting or hanging from contraptions from the celing to help separate the vertebra, etc.
I do not know if there is one in your area, but I suggest you trying to locate one close. One friend found IMMEDIATE relief with less & less reoccurance over a one year period. The other required more frequent visits, but the most IMPORTANT thing to remember is do NOT give up going. Many things require time to heal & when there is a problem that reoccures, like sciatica there can be damage that requires TIME!!!!
After blowing out my knee sometime ago, I started having migraine headaches ALL the time. My right hip was about 4 inches higher that the left & my left shoulder was about 3 inches higher than my right. When my Upper Cervical doctor took the x-rays & did her eval. she asked me had I been in an auto accident because my back was so out of whack. I had to have monthly adjustments for a full year before the right side of my back caught up with the left & started doing it's own job. Before that, the left side was having to over compensate for the right side not being able to function properly. I now have NO more migraines & I walk & sit & everything with my body being in alignment & placing EQUAL body weight on BOTH sides.
Contact the NATIONAL UPPER CERVICAL CHIROPRACTIC RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, INC. 217 W. 2nd. St. Monroe, Mi. 48161. I would imagine there is a website, but I have never needed to look it up since we have a U.C.C. doctor here who can answer my questions. Request a patient guide & whatever other information they can provide.
Good Luck to you. Just remeber that once you begin seeing a U.C.C. doctor, it is VERY IMPORTANT to "CONTINUE" until "THEY" say not to. If they tell you to have follow-up appts. MAKE THEM!!! Just because you feel better does NOT mean your are healing or healed. And, remember to follow their instructions, it is important to keep the adjustment as long as possible. After each one the healing continues. I hop you are able to find one of these types of doctors.  (+ info)

How is sciatica pain different from back pain?

I have a shooting like pain down one side of my lower back which runs down towards my buttocks.
I am unable to bend due to this pain. And when i do, its really painful.
Does it sound like sciatica? Or just normal back pain?

Sounds possibly like sciatica / trapped nerve. My mum had really bad sciatica when she was heavily pregnant and had my little bro via c-section in the end, cos the pain was unbearable plus he was a large baby!! She still suffer from back pain now and is on medication for it.
I would maybe check with your doctor and see if he can suggest anything.
Im also currently feeling a similar pain, but havent yet been to a doctor, warm baths and heat pads and a deep heat muscular rub tends to help to relieve my aching back!

Hope that helps.

Please take a look at mine and answer, thanks
http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AuiWEQL6_MSrUfdKPmVUMeXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080929095238AAfmorz  (+ info)

What stretches can I do to stretch out my sciatica nerve in the morning?

Every morning when I wake up I can hardly walk because of my sciatica nerve. It takes me about 2-3 hours to be able to actually stand up straight in the morning after I wake up. There has to be something I can do in order to excersise this nerve. Any tips or advice would be helpful thank you very much!

I understand your pain because I have had sciatica for 14 years from a back injury that caused permanent nerve damage. Here is a website that tells you what stretches can help and even shows pictures:


You should also try to walk as much as possible because it really does help with the pain. Try to avoid hills and stairs as they will make the pain worse.

Some other options include chiropractic care (generally only good for short term relief), steroid injections (did not help me), physical therapy and pain management. I also took a drug called Trileptal for many, many years. It is actually an anti-seizure med but it is known to help with chronic nerve pain. Depending on the cause of your sciatica, you may be able to try that as well. I loved how it helped me and only stopped taking it because I want to begin trying to have a family in the near future and it is known to cause some types of birth defects.

Best wishes and I hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for back sciatica pain?

I have bad sciatica pain I believe I got from carrying my baby and breastfeeding in bad positions. What is the best way to treat sciatica?

Here are a few great sites that can help you.

Here is a great national institute of health site on sciatica. This a a great one with good illustrations and information
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000686.htm  (+ info)

What treatment works for Sciatica during pregnancy?

I am 19 weeks and have been diagnosed with Sciatica. I am in so much pain all the time. It doesn't matter if I am sitting, standing or laying, I get no comfort. My doctor just keeps saying "Give it time, or it should go away on its own". Pregnancy is supposed to be enjoyable and I am in so much pain that I don't want to be pregnant and I hate that I feel this way. Any suggestions?

Nothing really helped me. But just so you're not out for a surprise later, pregnancy is supposed to "look" enjoyable. Wait until you get further along, and it will be more evident as everything will ache and hurt.  (+ info)

How early in pregnancy can sciatica start?

I am 10 weeks pregnant today and the last couple of days, I have been havig sharp pains in my lower back on the left side. Could it be sciatica? I have had back problems in the past, but not lately.

Sciatica can start at any time. It is not necessarily the pregnancy itself but because you are aware you are pregnant you may be adopting a different posture. You might be standing or sitting differently that could lead to symptoms like sciatica. More likely you have tweeked a nerve in you lumbar region or put a strain on a muscle. Just tkae care of yourself and see if it goes over the next week. If not then go see your DR.  (+ info)

What did you do to relieve your sciatica?

I'm getting ready to get an MRI and my sciatica is just getting worse and worse. I've been to two chiropractors and have been taking pain meds and using ice and laying my right side (it's down my left leg). Anyone able to cure it?

DId you get your MRI? If so, results?

If it's a herniated disc, bulging disc, something compressing the nerve, then you will just have to let time take it's course, and use pain meds. Vicodin helped me alot.

Go to a chiropractor that does Flexion/Distraction. You've got to find one that does this, it WILL help you. Some use the Cox® technique, which is just a "name brand" for F/D. Find one that is educated from NCC or PCC.

So, pick up the phone and call around to chiro's that do this.

You should not get injections or epidurals. use your pain meds, and go to a chiro that does F/D.

Good luck. I know your pain.  (+ info)

How can I lose baby weight with sciatica?

I've looked in a dozen sites and can't find any good tips on how to lose the excess baby weight with sciatica. I can't do pushups, crunches, or sit ups. I HAVE talked to a doctor, and she didn't suggest anything. I had my baby 3 months ago and also got the approval to work out. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks!

Just walk at a high pace for a long period of time. I found this in a web search: http://www.womenfitness.net/top10_yoga_exercises.htm  (+ info)

How much does it cost to have a sciatica surgery?

I am 20 years old and I am suffering sciatica I don't have insurance ,so i would like to know how much does it cost?

Sciatica is a general term for back pain due to some impingement of the sciatic nerve. So first you have to find out what is upsetting the nerve. Could be a tight muscle, could be a injury, strain, could be a disc problem. Once you find that out, then you can go about correcting it. Best of Luck  (+ info)

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