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Details about peritonitis?

In simple wordings, I would like to know what it is, cause of it, and the treatment?

I appreciate your help, thanks.

The abdominal cavity is lined by a type of tissue called peritoneum. Not only does it line the cavity inside of the abdominal wall, but separates and wraps around the abdominal organs. When infective material spills into the peritoneum, such as when an infected appendix ruptures, the peritineal tissue becomes inflamed and infected, called peritonitis. It is serious and must be treated with antibiotics. If it spreads up into the chest cavity it is life threatening, since the lungs and heart may be compromised. this is why, if you may have a ruptured appendix, you should be positioned upright to avoid upward spread of infection. Often IV antibiotics, or even flushing of the abdominal cavity with antibiotics is the treatment.  (+ info)

Lower right quadrant stomach pains that moved?

I already know the possibility of appendicitis, however, I went to the doctor's twice (yesterday and today as a follow up) and she doesn't think it's it, but rather something viral. However, she stated it could be a REALLY slow case of appendicitis that goes away for a bit then flares up later and requires an appendectomy. Does anyone know the name of the virus that she's talking about? I'm concerned about peritonitis because the pain moved, but I never had REALLY sharp pains. What is your guys' verdict?

1. Your doctor should be checking for rebound tenderness, a sign of appendicitis.
2. Which way did it move? If it moved from the right flank area ( the kidney area), you may have a kidney stone.
3. The MD should have also done a complete blood count with a differential on the white blood cells to look for infection.
4. I don't know the name of the virus, but if the pain does not go away, you need to be seen. A second opinion is a good idea. If it does not agree with the first, then a third opinion.
5. Generally, we worry about peritonitis if the pain suddenly stops. The abdomen will become very rigid if the appendix ruptures and peritonitis sets in  (+ info)

Could I have had Peritonitis in the past and lived without medical attention?

Ok so last year, after doing very strenuous sit ups, I got this very sudden sharp pain in my abdomen. I experienced these, which I found on a site that explained peritonitis:
Acute onset of severe, steady pain throughout the abdomen or localized in one area. Pain may persist for several hours and is worsened by movement or pressure on the abdomen

Board-like rigidity of the abdomen, due to contraction of the muscles of the abdominal wall
Swollen or bloated abdomen
Chills and fever, with profuse perspiration
Nausea and vomiting
Pale, cold skin
I cried and begged to go to the emergency room but my family told me to sit in a hot bath and see what happened... I know this is terrible advice, but I was willing to do anything, I was so scared I would die. (I also did NOT know what peritonitis was until a few months after.)

Sat in the bath, crying, nausea kicking in, my skin damp with sweat and my stomach board like as said above. I could barely breathe or talk, I couldn't scream for help (I thought I'd start drowning if i freaked out) VERY gradually, after fourty five mins or so, it started to calm down. The contraction of my stomach muscles loosened up and I felt a little better, but for some reason I expected to die so i wrote a death note (May have been overreacting) I went to sleep half expecting to not wake up again, but I did and it never happened again.

Could I have experienced Peritonitis or a muscle spasm from so many sit ups?

I rather doubt it and one person said "a little knowledge is dangerous" that said should explain it. Peritonitis is a dangerous leakage from the stomach, the intestinal walls. So you see unless you had surgery and these areas along with some I haven't mentioned have been stitched back, then you didn't have it. People get this through getting shot in the stomach or gut, stabbed in some way. a disease like cancer that eats through the intestinal lining. Etc.  (+ info)

can peritonitis cuz metabolic acidosis, if yes how?

is there ANY relation between "peritonitis" and "metabolic acidosis and electrolyte disturbance" ????

Peritonitis is the inflammation of the peritoneum, which is the membrane that lines the abdominal wall and covers the abdominal organs. Spontaneous peritonitis is an infection that occurs as a complication of ascites (a collection of fluid in the peritoneal cavity), which is usually related to liver or kidney failure.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors
Most cases of bacterial peritonitis occur:

When fluid accumulates in the peritoneal cavity (ascites) because of chronic liver disease.
In renal (kidney) failure patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. In these patients, the cause of spontaneous peritonitis is infection that spreads to the peritoneal fluid, usually from a contaminated peritoneal dialysis catheter.

Risk factors for liver disease include alcoholic cirrhosis and other diseases that lead to cirrhosis, such as viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B or C);  (+ info)

Peritonitis Lawsuit question?

My mom died of an undiagnosed peritonitis leakage in her liver. She was also going through pancrease cancer whom doctors basically did not tell us was terminal, until two days before her death. My question is shouldn't the doctors have seen this while my mother was going through ct scans, blood tests, x rays and physicals? She's been going through cancer since november and always mentioned pain just below and around her rib cage, but was thouht to be indigestion among others. There was an ultrasound done two days before she died and no one could read the results they told the family two days later. The doctors said nothing could be done, that she would die so we wanted to make mom as comfortable as possible like she said if there was no hope weeks prior. Mom was unresponsive for three days until death. I hate lawsuits but can't help but wonder is there a case here? Thank you.

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i had peritonitis when i was 16.. could i be infertile?

When i was 16 i had a burst appendix, it poisoned my whole body and i had to have two operations to flush my body of infection..
I was never told of the risk of infertility, but i came across some articles that suggested that it may cause infertility..
I have been trying for a baby for 6 months with no luck.. i am starting to think there is a problem..
and reading that i could be infertile has devastated me!

does any body know anything about this?

Sorry to say this but what happened to you can be a cause of infertility. I don't know why they didn't mention it to you. The reason it can cause infertility is because the inflammation and infected material can cause scar tissue to form in and around your fallopian tubes. I myself have blocked tubes...for unknown reasons. In my process of learning about tubal infertility I learned about what happened to you as a possible cause. I conceived with IVF. You really could be just fine though. You should see your OBGYN. There is a test called the HSG that can xray your tubes and determine if they are open. Good luck!  (+ info)

what is fecal peritonitis?

  (+ info)

what is chemically induced peritonitis?

That would be inflammation of the peritoneum caused by chemicals of some description; without more information, I can't be more specific.  (+ info)

How long does it take to recover from bowel obstruction, resectioning surgery with peritonitis?

I am 47, female and had emergency surgery 2 weeks ago for a bowel obstruction, peritonitis and removal of a bezoar the size of a tennis ball. About how long does it take to start recovering? I'm still having irregular bowel movements and horrible gas pain. But I am passing gas so I guess that's good. Anyone who has any tips to help out with getting the gas to move out better and have a faster bowel movement would be appreciated. Any personal experience you can share with bowel surgery would be really welcomed. Thanks, Kitty

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peritonitis's What is this?

Peritonitis is defined as inflammation of the peritoneum (the serous membrane which lines part of the abdominal cavity and some of the viscera it contains). It may be localised or generalised, generally has an acute course, and may depend on either infection (often due to rupture of a hollow viscus) or on a non-infectious process. Peritonitis generally represents a surgical emergency.

Abdominal pain & tenderness

The main manifestations of peritonitis are acute abdominal pain, tenderness, and guarding, which are exacerbated by moving the peritoneum, e.g. coughing, flexing the hips, or eliciting the Blumberg sign (a.k.a. rebound tenderness, meaning that pressing a hand on the abdomen elicits pain, but releasing the hand abruptly will aggravate the pain, as the peritoneum snaps back into place). The localisation of these manifestations depends on whether peritonitis is localised (e.g. appendicitis or diverticulitis before perforation), or generalised to the whole abdomen; even in the latter case, pain typically starts at the site of the causing disease. Peritonitis is an example of acute abdomen.

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