FAQ - Lymphoma, Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue
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what does chest pain associated with lymphoma feel like?

dull? sharp? achy? constant? when you breathe? cough? move a certain way? exercise? any description would be appreciated.

Chest pain is not a classic symptom that is linked to lymphoma. If you are experiencing any sort of chest pain then you need to seek medical attention as soon as you can.

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Can an enlarged spleen and thymus be associated more with Graves disease or Lymphoma?

I was told last week I had Hyperthroidism and had a nodule in my neck. I had an Xray at first and then a Ct. After the CT, they refeered me to an oncologist stating it could be lymphoma

If you are asking for the percentage of occurance for each condition, I do not know. I did find a site which is relative at :
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Does anyone know of certain foods that can help manage stomach pain associated with Lymphoma Cancer?

their are severak things that you might try that often work for my patients. first i would take proBiotic acidophilus with bifidus. usually 2 million units about twenty minutes before meals or sleep. Their are several types of mint tea that work well for stomach problems. i like the morrcan mint tea from twings, as it has several items that help. also eating small meals, every three hours so that the stomach is not empty. often times a empty stomach causes great pain. have they checked for ulcers? Ulcers in the gut tract are often the cause of pain. their are several areas that can and will cause gut problems.Reducing high acid foods, spicey foods will also sometimes help with these problems. perhaps the best advise is that you share this problem with your doctor. If he unable to treat your problem have him/her send you to a GI doctor.Since medication can cause problems, taking over the counter medication can cause problems with prescription medication make sure that both your doctor and pharmacologist work together to provide the best treatment. Hopefully your are using only 1 pharmacy for all your medications. Patients often use many pharmacies for prescriptions, while its nice to spread the business you are doing a disservice to your self and your doctor. Using one pharmacy will help you to understand your medications, it will also keep you from having problems with medications. It also keeps the prescriptions simpler and helps to stop duplication and inter drug reactions. i hope that this will help with your health problems. If you have any further questions please e-mail me.
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what is the colour of the ribbon associated with burkitts lymphoma?

Red. The red ribbon encompasses all forms of blood cancer because it is the color of the blood when you bleed. I am a survivor of non-Hodgkins lymphoma and work with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and that is the color that we use universally as our symbol.  (+ info)

To what types of cancer is the Epstein-Barr virus associated, besides lymphoma?

thank you for your input, i am talking about research.

The only other cancer I can think of is nasopharyngeal cancer. It is also associated with other disorders like MS although not cancer, it is still serious and not well understood or curable.  (+ info)

true or false..lymphocytes reside permanently in lymphoid tissue then move to other parts of the body?

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Lymphoid Tissue growth after Tonsillectomy?

I had my tonsils removed in Jan this year. However, I had lumps start to grow about 3 weeks after the surgery. One side the lumps were on the tonsil bed on the other side however they were in front of the tonsil bed, no surgery had happened there. The ENT specialist decided it was best to remove the lumps and to check what they were. I had the lumps removed on Tuesday this past week and test results came back that they were lymphoid tissue. Did the surgeon leave tonsil tissue behind after the first surgery? If so, why the lumps on the other side? What caused the lumps to grow? The lumps seemed to keep growing and were getting big.

Tonsils are pair of lymphoid tissue collections on the side of the oropharynx (back of the mouth/ throat). They are part of a ring of lymphoid tissue (Waldeyer’s ring), which also includes the adenoids.

Tonsils do not grow back if removed completely. During a tonsillectomy, most of each tonsil is removed. Some tissue often remains, which means theycan occasionally regenerate — although they probably won't grow back completely or to their original size.  (+ info)

Lymphoma is cancer of the lymph node tissue that’s sometimes treated with _______ lotion.?

A. diethylstilbestrol C. paclitaxel
B. Mechlorethamine D. carboplatin.

B Mechlorethamine  (+ info)

Which type of muscle tissue is associated with internal organs, other than the heart?

There are three different types of muscles in the body skeletal(voluntary),smooth and cardiac. Smooth muscles are associated with internal organs. Cardiac muscles found in only the heart.  (+ info)

In oral mucosa, what changes are going on within the tissue layers when gingiva is red and swollen?

Its inflamed so its all the inflammatory cascade reactions of histamine,, white blood cells etc  (+ info)

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