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Is there any treatment for kyphosis (round back)? Is posture brace and exercise useful?

I am 32 years old .I have kyphosis( 66 degree curve)

Since you're done growing, bracing probably won't work. (At least it wouldn't if you had scoliosis, but kyphosis is a cousin so I'm guessing that there's some common ground.)

If you're not in pain, I wouldn't worry about correction unless your curve is getting worse. If you are in pain, you have exercise (to reduce pain by strengthening your core muscles), pain management, and surgery (but only if your curve gets worse).

The person to ask should be a scoliosis (kyphosis) specialist. These guys understand our problem better than someone without the "specialty". I'd suggest having your family doctor give you a referral if you're not seeing a specialist already.  (+ info)

Is there any developments in cures for kyphosis in a grown adult?

his doctor failed to notice it when he was a growing child and now he is 30

Hart Bochner,
At one time, body casts were the only method used to treat adult kyphosis. Fortunately, better treatment methods have evolved over time. Today, numerous effective options are available to correct a severe kyphotic deformity. The first step may include medications, exercise, and special braces to support the spine. These braces may provide some pain relief, but do not actually straighten the spine in adults. Physical therapy may also be an option. If osteoporosis is present, treating it may also slow the progression or reduce symptoms from the kyphosis. Osteoporosis treatment usually involves increasing calcium and vitamin D intake, hormone replacement therapy, and weight-bearing exercises. For patients with severe pain, a progressively worsening curve, or damage to the spinal cord, surgery is recommended. For some patients with Kyphosis, their appearance has resulted in significant psychological issues. Surgery is the only technique to correct the deformity. Surgical treatment options for kyphosis include kyphoplasty – (This is an innovative and minimally invasive surgical treatment, used mainly to treat compression fractures in the spine. Kyphoplasty involves inflating a balloon at the site of the fracture and then immediately filling the cavity created by this balloon with quick-setting bone cement. The cement provides immediate stability to the spine, restoring its former shape and preventing the treated vertebra from collapsing again) - and spinal fusion,- (which is a surgical procedure that treats instabilities in the spine that cause pain and deformity. The procedure involves joining two or more vertebrae and fusing them into a single bone. Fusion reduces pain by stopping the motion at the segment of the spine that is causing the pain, allowing the patient to enjoy everyday activities. The key to success is getting the bone to heal together. Hardware is a tool to reduce deformity and eliminate the need for a brace, but if the bone does not heal the hardware will eventually crush or break) - with or without surgical instrumentation. Since each case of kyphosis is somewhat different, the doctor will choose the specific technique that will best straighten the spine and solve any other problems associated with the kyphosis.


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Should I have Kyphosis Surgery? If so when, and if not what exercises could help?

I am 16 years old and I have been diagnosed with Scheurmanns kyphosis. I have had 3 x-rays on my back, once yearly since I was 13. The first time it was a 45 degree curve, the second 55 degrees and the third 65 degrees. I do a lot of general exercise (football and swimming) and also complete 20 press ups a day. I am not in any sense overweight. Should i consider surgery, and if so at what age?

Doing push ups in the wrong posture could aggreviate your kyphosis condition. For such conditions, you may want to consider more natural and holistic options- explore if you can cure it through:
1. identifying and correcting muscle imbalances- occupational therapist could identify it and help to build up muscles
2. work with a personal trainer experienced in postural issues to place more emphasis on training your core
3. you will be surprised, by tai chi and qi gong exercises- well known in the East are good to correct these conditions because it is believed that it could be due to stagnant chi (energy) accumulated in certain parts that causes that bone structural imbalance- after all, there's no harm exploring since Western medicine still cannot identify the cause till now  (+ info)

how to gain weight and get rid of kyphosis without going gym?

and plz tell me the foods which contain high calories my height is 5 feet 10 inch and weight is 56 kg and my backbone is also not straight

Try nutritional supplements definatly, along with consumeing more dense foods!
- Ensure Plus/ Boost Plus are great nutritional weight- gain supplements and are healthy with the benefit of probiotics/ omega 3's/ 8+ essential nutrients/ a source of calcium and protein!
Consume either Ensure Plus, or Boost Plus twice per day, ontop of dailey regimes/ eatting- do not decrease.
(Chocolate flavours taste best heated in a mug in the microwave- tastes like hot chocolate, other flavours taste best chilled.)
Ensure/ Boost also come in formats of: Regular for maitence, Protein, Calcium and Fiber. But for weight-gain "Plus" is reccomended.

Also try these dense food's!

Whole dairy
- 3%- Whole milk
- Cottage cheese
- Greek/ full fat yoghurts
- Added Cheese (sliced/ grated/ shredded/ diced) - crackers, sandwhiches, salads, cassaroles, homemade meals, pastas, etc ..
- Added powdered milk to cassaroles/ oatmeals/ mashed potatoes
- Cream based soups/ sauces instead of broth/ vegetable based

Complex wholegrains
- Wholewheat pasta (with pesto/ cream sauce, added cheese/ extra vegetables/ optional lean protein- turkey/ lean beef- soy meatballs, chicken, shrimp/ scallops, ground lean turkey/ beef, etc ..)
- Brown/ long grain rice
- Couscous/ quinoa
- Thick- cut wholewheat bread/ bagels/ wraps/ pitas/ english muffins/ waffles/ flatbread
- Bran muffins
- Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread crackers (with cheese, hummus, peanut butter, or canned white tuna)
- Granola/ musili
- Wholegrain/ fiber granola bars (Nature Valley)
- Oat/ hot oatmeal made with milk/ added natural crunchy peanut butter stirred in
- Yams/ potatoes (mashed/ roasted/ baked) with olive oil/ margerine, milks/ cheeses, sour creams, herbs, cinnamain/ nutmegs, etc ..)
- Added whreatgerm/ bran to cereals/ oatmeals
- Added margerine/ olive oils to cooked vegetables/ startches/ pastas/ breads

Dense fruits/ vegetables
- Dried fruits (added to yoghurts, cereals, oatmeals, salads, trail mix, etc ..)
- Canned fruits in syrups/ added custard on fruits
- Fruit juices (Odwalla juices)
- Bananas/ avacados
- Apples/ celery/ bananas with crunchy/ smooth natural peanut butter
- Steamed/ cooked vegetables with added margerine/ olive oil/ grated- melted cream cheese)
- Canned vegetables (added margerine/ olive oil)
- Regular salad dressings
- Vegetable juice
- Crunchy vegetables and hummus/ bean dip
- Black olives

Lean meats/ meat alternatives
- Breaded chickens/ turkeys/ cods/ halibits/ shrimps/ etc ..
- Sliced deli meats
- Lean ground meats/ turkey
- Lean pork cuts
- Sirlion/ tenderlion steak cut's/ etc ..
- Fish- canned white tunas/ salmons
- Nuts/ seeds
- Natural smooth/ crunchy peanut butters (sandwhiches, oatmeals, crackers, fruits- vegetables, milkshakes, etc..)
- Egg's
- Quorn/ tofu/ soy
- Breaded quorn/ vegetarian meat- breaded (ie: chikn nuggets)
- Baked beans/ refried beans
- Chickpeas/ hummus
- Lentils

- Olives
- Red wine/ coolers/ beers/ alcohols
- Dark chocolates
- Chocolate bar- (ie: Mars/ Snickers/ etc ..)
- Gatoraides/ poweraids (instead of water- to refuel in sports)
- Etc ..

Fast foods/ dessert based foods (chocolates/ icecreams/ donuts- cakes/ etc ..) wouldn't hurt in the weight- gain process.
Hope i'v helped, goodluck!  (+ info)

Has anyone had a surgery to correct kyphosis, a curvature of the spine?

I was diagnosed with Kyphosis a long time ago, but it has gotten much worse and I think surgery is my only option. What is the recovery time and restrictions after surgery?

You mentioned thinking "surgery being my only option".

Have you tried structural integration methods like Hellerwork or Rolfing? It's hard to say exactly how much these methods could help you, but it's certainly inexpensive and less painful compared to surgery. Surgery is also irreversable, whereas bodywork can only make things better, provided you have a good bodywork therapist.

I was in my early 20's when I first received Hellerwork. I stayed away from docs like the plague, but I'm sure they would have diagnosed me with mild kyphosis had I gone to see one. My structure has straightened out a lot. My back pain is much less frequent and I can do things like sit cross-legged on the ground, which were very uncomfortable for me before Hellerwork. That's just a taste of the many benefits I received from that bodywork.

I have some crazy pics of someone with severe scoliosis treated with structural integration therapy who was amazingly much straighter after 10 sessions. Email me and I'll email them to you.

Yes, best wishes.  (+ info)

I have Kyphosis and Scoliosis. Do I have to have the corrective surgery?

I am 20. I have had Kyphosis and Scoliosis since I was 11. I was wondering if I really need to have the surgery? My back hurts at times and I do have a severe case, but no breathing or any other kind of problems. I had heard that once you get to an age where you no longer grow the Kyphosis and Scoliosis doesnt get any worse after that. Anyone ever heard of that?

this is a tricky question bc we don't know how bad or where the kyphosis is. but my suggestion is to go ahead and get the surgery because as you get old it will only get worse. if you get the surgery now you would have a better change of recovery. as for if the kyphosis will get worse or not after you stop growing, i believe it will as you get older your intercalated discs can get worn down and cause major health problems. however, this is a personal choice and you can go either way. i wish you the best.  (+ info)

Is there a way to alleviate the breathing problems caused by decreased lung capacity caused by kyphosis?

Only proper positioning with the shoulders back as far as possible to allow full lung expansion. Due to your condition, you will need to find a position that will work for you during times when you feel you cannot breathe as well.  (+ info)

Has anyone here had any kind of back surgery for scoliosis or Kyphosis?

I have Scheuermann's kyphosis and wore a brace for a year and it did not help. I have a 63 degree curve and my doctor says that it is not enough to have surgurey just yet. I am really self consious about it. Any advice?
If I decide I want the surgery he said he could do it. My parents don't think I should. I am really worried about the pain and the recovering.

My girlfriend had surgery for scoliosis about 3 years ago. I would honestly be less concerned about the look of your condition than the long term health effects. In her case the curve in her spine was life threatening, over about 5-10 more years the curve would have crushed her internal organs. I guess if it was my choice it would come down to the question of weather or not the problem was going to get worse as you get older. It may not be life threatening right now but if it could be life threatening and/or get worse in 10 or more years then I would recommend dealing with it now. It's going to be a lot easier to fix this problem in it's current form and your current health than in some much more severe condition later in your life.

Also keep in mind that this kind of surgery, even with medical insurance is going to be extremely expensive. Chances are your medical insurance isn't going to cover 100% of the costs and your parents will be stuck with several thousand dollars in other expenses. So, discuss it with them and make sure that you can afford it at the current time.

As far as pain and recovery. The pain is severe and you will be on a lot of serious drugs for the first few weeks. It does subside with time, however until then you have to be willing to work with the pain. You will most likely have a physical therapist and they are going to expect you to start trying to move pretty early after the surgery and it's going to hurt but you do need to do it. After about 3 months my girlfriend was fully functional again with very minimal pain. After a couple of years now the pain is non-existant, however she does find some inconveniences such as not being able to bend over to pick things up and not being able to sleep on her stomach.

Best wishes with whatever your choice is. :)  (+ info)

Can Scheuermann's disease, kyphosis or other spinal deformity cause excessive sweating due to an issue with?

the nerves in the spine
...and if so is there a treatment for this type of sweating?

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How to prevent kyphosis in the spine?????

Okay I've just read a load on google about this condition and it seems I have it slightly. I'm 14 and it says it occurs in female teens mostly because of them slouching. So if I put my slouching to a stop right NOW and never do it again, will my spine straighten up? I'm going to be extremely strict with myself. The last thing I need is a hunchback.


In some cultures hunched-back women are considered extremely attractive and alluring. You may want to give it a second thought.  (+ info)

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