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my son has hypospadias does anyone know what the operation is like thanks
i also want to try for another baby this year if it is another boy what is the chance it will have hypospadias

I have found you some sites that will help you. Information included surgical procedures, recovery, info for parents all I think you want to know is below.

http://www.pedisurg.com/PtEduc/Hypospadias.htm .
http://www.heainfo.org/ *****
http://www.hypospadiashelp.fsnet.co.uk/Hypospadias%20contents.html *****
http://www.isna.org/node/81 ******
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hypospadias ***
http://www.www.FreeMedicineFoundation.com **medical finicial help***

Please note the ***** relate to parents or medical finical assitance on meds.
I do hope this helps you. I had a similuar surgery when I was in my 20's My the Lord be with you during this stressful time.  (+ info)


My son is only 5 months old and is scheduled for surgery next month. His case if very minor but what should I expect and will he be normal when he hits puberty?

when this surgery is done make sure to use the GRAP repair surgery and he will be as close to normal as possible.  (+ info)

is there any dedicated clinic for children with hypospadias in India?

One of my cousin recently had a baby who was born with Hypospadias. I have already met two doctors- one a Pediatric Surgeon and another a Urologist who have recommended surgery at different ages. Is there a special clinic for such children with hypospadias where I can get more specialised advice and treatment?

Hypospadias is a very common birth defect whereby the urinary passage is not formed properly and the urine is passed from the underside of penis. Although Pediatric Surgeons and Urologists both perform Surgeries for hypospadias but there is a new upcoming specialty of "Pediatric Urology" for management of children with Hypospadias. I know of one special clinic for such children - www.hypospadiasfoundation.com , probably you can get more information there. All the best.  (+ info)

Can a guy with hypospadias get married and function properly?

I mean if the hypospadias were not corrected 100% where the opening is still not at the top of the penis and instead at the down edge of the top.
Can he get his wife pregnant?
If not what is the possibility of having a successful correction surgery at the age of 24?
PS: while urination there is some leakage.
I hope to hear from doctors or people who had experience with it.
Thanks All

Thats no problem, i had this problem, and i'm 15, all you gonna do is have an appointment with a surgeon, he'll do the procedure, and if there is a curving, they should make it straight again by free-ing some meat from the penis.  (+ info)

I have hypospadias and its inch away from the tip of my penis?

Every time I come inside my girl it aways come right back out her. The doctor told me that Hypospadias is a congenital anomaly in which the urethral opening is found on the underside rather than the tip of the penis. It causes the ejaculate to be deposited too low in the vagina to facilitate conception. Is this true? Is there a way that I can still have a baby?

Hello! My nephew had hypospadias but it was corrected when he was a year or two old. I dont think it would cause you to never help conceive a child as even shallow penetration can work. But it might just take longer. Im sure you can still have a baby. Also, be aware that semen always comes right back out. It doesnt stay up there forever and ever. What goes up, must come down. What you can do is make sure that you penetrate as deep as possible when you ejaculate, that you then just dont move, stay inside her for a minute and then when you pull out, have your girl NOT get up. She must lay on her back with a pillow under her hips and legs in the air for 20 minutes. That will help. Missionary position with legs up might help as well so more stays up in there for longer. It will pool over her cervix for longer. Good luck!!

Have you ever thought of having the hypospadias corrected through surgery?  (+ info)

Can you prenant a girl if you have Hypospadias?

My friend is 18 and he has Hypospadias. Is it possible for him to fertilize a woman egg?

Depend on how severe and if it's been corrected surgically. If he can urinate properly, then I think he should be able to get a girl pregnant.  (+ info)

is it already to do the wank after hypospadias surgery very very easy 10 points?

i just had hypospadias surgery and the chordee came out on the 10th, can i masterbate?

I think you should ask your doctor about this. Are all your stitches gone? I wouldn't be fooling around down there until my doctor said it was okay.  (+ info)

Can someone give me a ballpark estimate on how much it will cost to repair Hypospadias?

I'm wondering how much it will cost to repair stage one distal Hypospadias on a 16 month old.
A total ballpark figure would be nice... including surgery, hospitalization and any other services...
Any information would be greatly appreciated!


You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.talk4fun.net  (+ info)

how rare is it to have hypospadias and cryptorchidism together?

what are the odds of being born with this?? is this rare or common ?
i was born with 3rd degree hypospadias and cryptorchidism together how common or rare is this?
would this mean im a hermaphrodite/intersex Male Pseudohermaphrodite ?

hypospadias occurs in about 1/200 male births. about 5% of people with hypospadias also have crypto orchidism.

sometimes this is just bad luck, sometimes it's due to a medical problem like congenital adrenal hyperplasia or other diseases that cause hermaphrodites.  (+ info)

I have hypospadias but its like 1 inch from the tip of my penis. Can I have a baby?

My girl is on birth control shot, she had chlamydia but she was treated for it. We have been havin unprotected for about a 2 weeks (june 9-23). I have hypospadias. She took a prenancy test about 2 days ago with the double lines and she said it was negtive but she just pissed on it and looked at it. She said she feels sick and was bleeding once(June 26). Can she be pregenant?

Hypospadias doesn't have anything to do with your sperm count. You are fertile.

She can't reuse pregnancy tests. Ten minutes after using the test the first time it is no longer valid. She needs to take a new test. She's probably not pregnant though. Depo Provera makes women have some wierd side effects.  (+ info)

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