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Did anyone have an abdominal hernia repaired with the mesh and have an allergic reaction? What happened?

What did the doctors do?

My mother actually had a hernia repaired with a mesh and weeks later she was still sick and had to get a second surgery to remove the mesh because it was so infected due to a reaction that she was litterally getting poisened by it. I would reccomend if you think you have a allergy to it then get to your doctor and tell him or her everything.  (+ info)

Can an abdominal hernia after losing weight go away?

I have always been a large man. I have this abdominal hernia now and I'm losing weight. I have lost 35 pounds and 8 inches off my waist. With this weight loss will the hernia just go back inside without poking out? Right now the hernia is not poking out, but I do have some pain.

A hernia does not get better or go away on it's own. You may want to check this site out,or google hernias to find out more. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is used to determine the extent of an abdominal hernia tear?

I think you are afraid that they will insert a tube into you:first the doctor will examine you then have an echo made.
That will be evaluated .
And they see on the echo images really a lot and most of the time can make their diagnoses and treatment plans.  (+ info)

Have a surgical hernia after abdominal surgery.Is it ok to where a binder?

I am 6ft tall and weight is 260lbs.I also have a big belly.Would I be doing more damage or should I go without to let the muscles strengthen by themselves?
Surgery was 8 mos.ago it took a long time to heal because I was taking chemotherapy.

you should wear it until the doctor tells you not to. if you remove it before time ou could do more damage and have to have it redone. the binder helps keep the stitches or staple in place and the incision from coming apart.  (+ info)

Can a hiatus hernia be detected on an ultrasound abdominal scan?

Never seen a hiatal hernia diagnosed with and u/s. I suspect that that the gastroesophageal junction is a bit too posterior and may be hard to distinguish from stomach and diaphragm.  (+ info)

What is the mesh used in repairing an incisional abdominal hernia made out of?

Star dust and baby poo  (+ info)

do i have abdominal hernia or is it just cramps?

I'm 14 years old and I have been doing these ab excercises for the past two weeks, just today right after i did the excercise did i feel a sharp pain when i contract my abs right below the belly button. I also haven't gotten my period and it has been a little over a month already. is this hernia or cramps?

An abdominal hernia is when there is a tear in the abdominal muscle and an organ or other tissue protrudes from it. Its highly unlikely you have one of those. Your muscles are just probably sore from the excercises you've been doing. You should allow sometime for your muscles to get used to being excersised and the pain will most likely just fade away.   (+ info)

Is it normal to experience pain after Abdominal hernia surgery???

I had surgery last Friday. My wound is healing perfectly fine but the inside is very pain full, and when I stand up it feels so heavy. I notices it is swollen and hard around the surgery area and sometimes feels like it is stinging on the inside. The Doctor says it looks like I have developed a blood clot and it will dissolve on its own. Is this true??? Or can something else be going on? Has anyone else had similar pain. Please let me know!

It sounds like a hematoma, (or blood clot, although I would not have used this term) it is basically a bruise beneath the skin and within your tissues.

Yes, it should eventually settle down and the body will naturally break this down and absorb it, as it does with bruises that are visible. Unfortunately, depending how large and where the bruising is, depends how long it will take to break down. It could be a month or so, and if after this time, you are still not happy, go back to your Dr again.

If however, you develop redness around the op site with swelling and you feel hot and unwell, go back to the Dr. You may have an infection in the op site.  (+ info)

what stomach strengthening exercises can if i have an abdominal hernia?

A herniated muscle must be repaired. There is no strenghthening to be done, your muscle has split apart. After it is sewn together THEN you can see about strenghthening it. Repair it first. That is the same as saying, 'I have a broken arm, how can I make it stronger?'  (+ info)

What is the recovery time for Hernia surgery Abdominal?

  (+ info)

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