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Are Klinefelter's syndrome and True Hermaphroditism the same thing?

Klinefelter's syndrome is ≥ 2 X chromosomes plus 1 Y, resulting in a phenotypic male.
A hermaphrodite is an organism having both male and female reproductive organs.  (+ info)

what is the treatment of hermaphroditism?

help me!

It isn't a cancer. Try the general Health section.  (+ info)

Is hermaphroditism normal to all organismns?

I wouldn't say all, but often some animals and rarely, people, are born with both sets of sexual organs. Some animals how ever, are strictly hermaphrodites, and yet some can switch sexes.  (+ info)

Is it true that women with Trisomy X tend to be extremely attrractive?

I heard this in an article that claimed Gemma Ward who is a famous model might have Trisomy X which is a hermaphroditism that makes "super-females". It said that they tend to be more attractive than most women, which is why there are many models who are intersex and have Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome or Trisomy X.

I've never heard that before. The extra X chromosome in females is deactivated in Barr bodies, so the third X chromosome in women with trisomy X is deactivated in the same way. As far as I know there aren't really any major effects with having two X chromosomes deactivated instead of one, but I could be wrong.  (+ info)

What is Heraphroditism ?

Pl. tell me some informaions about Hermaphroditism.

Hermaphroditos was the handsome son of Hermes and Aphrodite.
Salmkis a water nymph fell madly in love with him.
He did not return her love.
One day while he was bathing in a pond she jumped in to it , clung to him and prayed that their bodies be fussed eternally, her prayer was granted.

One person having both male and female characters emerged  (+ info)

"NO ovaries and No womb" means 100% INTERSEXED or ?

if a girl have no ovaries and no womb from birth..

does it mean that she is 100% INTERSEXED , hermaphroditism or any thing like it....

does it mean that she must have internal male genitals...?

does it mean that she is a girl with no womb and no ovaries..simple..but she is girl.....

reply ..please...

  (+ info)

Klinefelter's Syndrome?

im aware that the syndrome usually occurs in males, but is there any similar syndrome that takes to women?
(for those who don't know, Klinefelter's Syndrome is when a person (male) has an extra chromosome (such as making the normal chromosome XY into XXY and even XYY). it is also known as a politically correct and a light form of Hermaphroditism).

so yea, my question is if there's a female form of this syndrome, what is it called? and how "hardcore" are the symptoms?


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I believe a female version is called Turners syndrome. Here's the Wiki link for you
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girls who have adams apples?

have any of you ever known a girl who has one of these? I've grown up hearing that only men (should) have them, but I've known maybe 1 or 2 girls who kinda had one, although not as pronounced as a male's. anyway, what causes females to have them? is it a testosterone problem or genetic? in other words, if she has an adams apple, does it automatically mean that she is masculine and has other parts similar to a man's, such as in the private region (hermaphroditism)? thanks to anyone who can help!
my question(s) has kind of been answered, but does anyone know what exactly causes some of them to be more pronounced than others? is it testosterone? if yes, does it mean that the girl is more "male" than other females?

Yes women do have "Adam's Apples", but that are less protruding than for men. The testosterone helps to build protective cartilage around the voice box.

This is less of a problem for women as they naturally have less testosterone then men. Women do have testosterone though, so they can form an "Adam's Apple".

Genetics will be the main factor between women causing the differences. Levels of testosterone in their body will also affect them.  (+ info)

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