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Why does frostbite make your skin turn black?

I know what happens to the cells in that they freeze then burst. What I was wondering was why it makes your limb/digit turn black.

Because the tissue is dying.  (+ info)

What can I do to relieve frostbite?

I want to put some lotion or cream of some sort on my ears. I've got frostbite and they are really tender. I have issues at night when I want to sleep. My right ear is really tender, what can I put on them to relieve the itchiness and burning sensation? I mnow I'm not supposed to rub them but I want to scratch them so bad. HELP please...

You stay warm. If you really must be exposed then the frostbite will slowly go away (shouldn't take more than a day or so) but to keep getting frostbite such that it doesn't ever go away, you need to stop going out where you get that cold. Stay covered, do not put warm or hot water on the area as you can damage the ear or toe by the shock of it. You must cover the cold bite area with something warm and wait - sipping something warm is comforting also while you are waiting.  (+ info)

What are you suppose to do when you get frostbite?

i got frost bite at work the other day on my fingers and i can barley feel then. am i suppose t go to a doctor right away or will the feeling eventually come back?

never ignore frostbite. See your doctor right away.  (+ info)

Is it time to go to the doctor for my frostbite?

About 2 years ago, I got frostbite on my feet. I never went to the hospital but my feet did get white, waxy, hard to bend, etc. and my toes still bend oddly. More recently, my feet have been getting colder easier. Is it time to see a doctor or just a waste of money?

  (+ info)

which kind of frostbite should i get from oberweis?

is it cheaper than coldstone's? is it worth it?
i was thinking about getting the snickers and cookie dough mixed together or should i do one or the other?

Since Oberweis stores are Mid-East and I'm on the West Coast with a Coldstones Parlor 2 miles from me I'd say cookie dough today and snickers tomorrow. For me, cherry and chocolate blend in a bowl with nuts, don't care what it costs. Make it a triple.  (+ info)

Does mederma or any other scar cream work on frostbite scars?

During my cross country camp, I was icing my leg with an ice pack put directly on my skin. I left it on there for half an hour and realized shortly after that I froze my leg which blistered a lot and is now a huge ugly scar. :(

No,none of the creams works.Don't waste your money.  (+ info)

why does my freezer make everything have frostbite? My ice cream kinda melts and then refreezes.?

It is very old. I recently moved in to this condo I rent and everyhtings pretty old. She already had to replace the washer dryer set cuz it was an old stackable they no longer made parts for.
Why do freezers do this though, make food frostbitten?

Yes, it's doing what it's designed to do.
It's a "frost free". Most are these days.
In order for it to be frost free, it has to heat every so often to melt the frost.
But, the food also heats, then re-freezes.
It's not good for long term food storage.
Back in the day, your gramma spent 1/2 a day defrosting her frig, probably once a month. But, she did not have spoilage.
This is progress.  (+ info)

How long will it take to get frostbite?

In Chicago its going to be Below 0 this week in morning anyone know how long it could to get frost bite or hypothermia or FREZZE!?!?! IM 15 BTW

there is no time line some people have worse circulation than others so some people will get it sooner than others, but you can tell when it starts to hurt really bad, or when your skin turns real bright red or purple or black.  (+ info)

how can i get rid of redness from frostbite?

yesterday i went outside, bad idea i guess. when i came back in my nose was white. i took a hot bath and everything was better. but i have a big dot of red on the tip of my nose now. how can i get rid of this.

I just did that too.. My mom says I look like Rudolph now. I havnt been able to find how to get rid of the red. So I'm just wearing lots of makeup on my nose now... Lol  (+ info)

could my daughter have a frostbite mark on her face from eating a popsicle?

My baby is 3 months old and i let her suck on fruit popsicles. Well my father let her suck on it and i guess he had it on her face know she has this red mark on her face and it is a little hard. She is not acting like it hurts or anything but i am just wondering if i should take her to the emergency room for a frost bite

what are you like a 15 year old or something??? actually no i'm fifteen and i'm smarter then that what are you like 12?
hun you should never let your father make the decisions for you about your own child.
you may think they have better experience but...ppl do things differently nowdays.
it may seem like i'm overreacting, but that child could have choked and died.  (+ info)

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