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Child behavior?

I have an eight year old daughter who recently insulted my wife while at a friends house. My wife was talking about joining the church choir and my daughter said " please you do not sing good at all" My wife was hurt and said " Really you mean that" my daughter said Yes, You do not sing good at all. My wife was embarrassed and her friends told my daughter that she was not being very nice. The thing is my wife does sing good. I think my daughter may be in competition with her mom. This would have never happened to me because I would have embarrassed her back by saying with a very stearn voice you will get a spanking when we leave, with that scary stare. But took it more personal and was hurt. Why would my daughter want to treat her mother like this in front of friends? Thank You for anyone who responds with good intentions. Thank You

We have to teach our children what is rude and what is not. I wasn't there so I don't quite understand. I am all for spanking, I sense your very upset, however from what you wrote, this sounds like normal silly child-like-behavior. My girls tease me all the time about how bad my voice is, lol. You shouldn't get embarrassed. If it was uncalled for (like i said, i wasn't there so I don't quite see the problem) you need to pull her aside and explain to her that what she said was very rude, and will not be tolerated. I would hold off on the spanking, save those for absolute direct defiance, life threatening actions, or breaking clear rules. I have 3 little girls ages 4, 7, and 10 when they get a spanking, it's NEVER a surprise to them, they already know it's coming and well earned. I know sometimes we get so angry at our children, we punish but forget to teach. First time offenses almost always never get punished in our home, but we do sit down and have a nice long talk.

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CHild Behavior?

What would you say this is.
Kid wakes up in the middle of the night screaming pukes or pees

Somtime will break somthing or hit somthing or get mad even though previously was happy and laughing.

Bites, kicks, punches, and hurts people.

Doesn't like younger sibling.

Spits. throws things at people. says mean things and can snap back to nice and sweet and innocent in the next second

also after outbbreak usually seems like he doesn'y know what just happened.
From the second paragraph on it is usually during the day
He does take naps. somtimes he takes two
He's 4 is it possible to get bi-polar disorder that young

How old is he? Have you changed anything in his life, like moving, new baby, new school, etc? I agree it may be night terrors, but is he crying until he pukes? Is he peeing out of fright? Or does he wet his bed normally? Have you seen a doctor? Need more info.  (+ info)

Can depression and/or anxiety disorders cause behavior problems in children?

I'm posting this question, because when I was a child, I had some behavioral issues. I know that I had the symptoms of depression and anxiety back then, but I suspected that I had ADHD and that that was the cause of my problems. Indeed, a few years ago, I was formally diagnosed with ADHD by a counselor. However, a psychiatrist recently told me that she wasn't convinced I had ADHD, and she told me that many of my problems stemmed from depression and anxiety.

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What are some of the behavior changes you noticed in your child when they turned four?

My child is very verbal, enjoys telling stories and explaining how thing are done the correct way. Recently my child has begin to cry when they get frustrated or don't get their way, this is a very new behavior, my child did not do it when they were younger. The rountine has not changed, we have not moved, no new babies, no new rules. I can not determine what the problem might be. I am hoping that it is a phase and it will pass. I don't know if it is apart of turning four or what. Any feedback would help out.

My son is the same way he get so frustrated when he tries to do something,and he just can't get it right.I think it's b/c he has more of an attention span,then he did when he was younger.When he was younger if something didn't go his way he would move on to something else.Now he knows that he can do these things like sing a song he knows the words to but messes up,it just aggravates him!Same way it would you or I !  (+ info)

What disorders form from being made fun of as a child?

I was made fun of on a daily basis as a child. I was wondering what kind of disorders can form from such an experience.

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What are foods that I should not feed my child that affect his behavior?

I know that there are certain food that they say may affect a child's behavior, Does anyone have a list of these foods and how well changing a child's diet can affect his/her behavior. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

Like the other person said:
MSG (which is in a TON of foods, but specifically Chinese food, sausage, processed meats, salty packaged foods like Ramen noodles and frozen dinners)
Nitrates (found in lunch meat and other processed meats), dyes (my sister had a problem with yellow die)
caffeine (no soda!)
sugar in general (it's hidden in many many foods)
chocolate (you would think, oh, well he can have it once in a while. nope, not if it's a trigger for him like it is for my toddler)
Pretty much stay away from anything that has been processed or packaged, like many frozen meals, on-the-go meals, anything that has an unnatural color (like neon green and royal purple gold fish crackers), and canned soups,
You should try to give him more healthy foods like fresh (or frozen) plain fruits and veggies that you add herbs/honey or something natural to, fresh meat that you cook yourself..check out the healthy food section at your grocery store, most stores have a big selection now-a-days....
You don't have to go wheat-less or dairy free if he's not allergic to that. If you think he might have a problem with those things, talk to his pedi who can order a blood test to check for it if he's over 3.

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When a child repeats a behavior or action simply to observe that action, you would not infer that?

A.the child finds the behavior self-reinforcing.
B.the stimulation of the action is satisfying.
C.the stimulation provided by the action is associated
with a basic drive.
D.the child is caught up in a short of reflex "feedback loop".

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How much of a toddler/child's personality and behavior do think is due to parenting?

Do you think the way children act, respond, and so on is just a natural part of their personalilty or do it think it's directly related to parenting? For example, is a child clingy and needy because their parents do everything for them and don't leave their side? Are "bad kids" bad because their parents allow the behavior? I have my opinion and want to see what others think. Thanks

I think a lot of it is hardwired but the direction it takes depends on the parenting and environment.

I actually think that being clingy and needy is a result of a child's parent NOT doing enough for/with them. For example, my 2nd child was born trying to nurse. No lie, she was trying to latch on to the fingers that were measuring her head and body. She was born with a very strong need to bond. She was very sensitive and was usually only consoled by me. So I basically 'indulged' for lack of a better word to comfort her and care for her. I didn't spoil her in her 2's or 3's but as an infant, I made sure all her needs were met.

As a result at 5, while she is still sensitive, it is more in an empathetic way. She is not as outgoing and social as some but she has developed into a very pleasant and rather confident child. I think that is because she KNOWS I will be her for her so she doesn't have to cling.

That's my theory. Personality is hardwired but parents direct it.  (+ info)

What do you do to modify your child's behavior?

When your child talks back or hits his/her sibling or does anything to stray from what you consider "good behavior", what do you do to correct it? Soap in the mouth? Hot sauce? Swift swat to the rear?
Not needing advice, just trying to get the feel for the modern behavior modification techniques of today's parents.
Doing research. Loving the feedback!

Effective punishments vary from child to child. Your child may not respond or be affected by soap in mouth or time out. You need a plan. You will have to try out several things to see what works the best. It may be taking away video games or tv or phone/friend time. It may be taking away a snack time, giving early bed time, or using a form of corporal punishment (intense exercises, paddling, swatting, etc..) I am personally a fan of spanking, but many are not.

Research actually shows that students often misbehave in order to get attention, whether or not they get a lot of attention at home. Research has also shown that positive reinforcement when one is doing well works better than punishment. If the child has performed and action very well, or has had very good behavior tell the child how proud you are and give a reward whether through words or through objects. You may also comment on how well someone around the child is doing something well when the child is misbehaving. The child will most often mock the action to receive your attention,approval, and praise..  (+ info)

what to do when a rude neighbor comments on your child's behavior?

My neighbor has made repeated comments about my 3 year olds behavior, saying he is just so out of control and he wouldn't know what to do if he was his child. I have 2 children, a 2 year old and a 3 year old my neighbor only has one 5 year old child. Her little girl is extremly bratty and they just don't seem to see it. How should I react when they say things to me.

That is when you smile and say "well then, you should be glad you only have a daughter! A little boy would just rock your world!" And leave it at that. I have 3 kids. 2 girls and my youngest is a boy. Let me tell you about the culture shock I went through. It is true when they say boys are just different. They are loud, crazy, hyper and the cutest little things ever. Just shrug off your neighbor and quietly wish her a housefull of boys!  (+ info)

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