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What is bronchitis and can you have it with a non productive cough?

If you have a non productive cough, can you have bronchitis?

At first yes but then you should be coughing up mucus.  (+ info)

Can you develop bronchitis very suddenly or is it secondary from having a cold/flu first?

On Saturday night I suddenly came down with a sore throat and a headache, by the next morning I was very wheezy and had chills, muscle aches and developed a cough. Also extreme fatigue. I went to the doctor today and was told that I have bronchitis. Isn't bronchitis usually secondary to something else or can you develop it suddenly on its own? Also don't you usually get a fever with bronchitis?

Ha ha funny! Saturday night I came down with a sore throat/cough and a slight headache. No chills, but I'm extremely fatigue also. I feel like weights are hanging from my eye lids, even when I get 9 hrs sleep.

I've been feeling this way since Saturday. The doctor told met the same thing today, Bronchitis! I told him I wanted to be tested for Swine, he refused. Then I made a big fuss, so he had his nurse test me.

I hate to be the one to say it, but Bronchitis is not common this time of year. Your symptoms sound like swine flu, and it's spreading rapidly across the U.S. The good news is, over 99% of cases are fine. So, just keep yourself hydrated. If you feel worse go to an urgent care or the E.R. and get tested. But I would bet that's what it is. I have the same thing going on. I know how you feel.

I couldn't believe he tried to write it off as BRONCHITIS!!!!  (+ info)

What is the difference between Asthma and Chronic Bronchitis?

They recently diagnosed me with Asthma and have me on two types of inhalers.
I really think it's Chronic Bronchitis.

What symptoms distinguish these two ailments from each other?
I'm 42 and lived with a smoker for 25 years.

Chronic bronchitis is usually found only in heavy smokers. Asthma usually presents itself at a very young age while the other one presents in the 50+ age group. Chronic bronchitis is also associated with a lot of sputum production when compared to asthma. Asthma can also be due to some medication, food, pollen or dust to which you are allergic to.  (+ info)

Guys, after having bronchitis how did yous feel? How long did it take you to feel back to normal?

Crazy question maybe! But i had bronchitis last week finished my antibiotics and still feel a little weak and sore! Is this normal? My cough is gone and temperature too, just wondering how yous felt after having it, a little sore for a while?

yes! Bronchitis always holds on a little while and I have even had to go back for a second set of antibiotics before! I always feel tired and sore for a few weeks...Take good care and listen to your body!  (+ info)

How do you get rid of Asthma or Bronchitis?

Everytime i sleep over at my friends house, I get bronchitis for about 3-4 weeks. I found out that my asthma is the problem and since they have dogs, i tend to get bronchitis if i stay at their house for too long. Is there anyway to calm down bronchitis or asthma or to permantly get rid of asthma? I have an inhaler btw. What can i also do to help treat it because i have it right now.

There is no way of getting rid of asthma permenantly. If you have a preventative inhaler you can use to prevent getting ill, but it doesn't always work. Usually if you were quite young when you first got asthma it is quite likely that you will grow out of it. Mine is definately not as bad as it used to be.  (+ info)

Whats the best way to treat bronchitis and laryngitis?

I have been sick for about a week, and I finally went to the doctor. I found out that I had bronchitis, laryngitis, and the start of a sinus infection. I lose my voice a lot, but I have never lost it from being sick, and I wondered if there were any ways to help cure bronchitis and laryngitis?

Rest...stay home and rest as much time as you can
Eat healthy (you are what you eat)  (+ info)

What it the difference between a chest infection and Bronchitis?

If you have a chest infection is it just bronchitis?

A "chest infection" is just a broad, cover-all term for any kind of viral or bacterial, fungal or parasitical invasion of your lungs. Bronchitis is just one of the many types you can get, So if you have bronchitis you have a chest infection but if you have a "chest infection" it may not be bronchitis.
God bless.  (+ info)

How long is acute bronchitis contagiuos?

I have bronchitis for 3 weeks and I'm just wondering if it's still contagious.

This is why I cringe when I see lay people answer medical questions.

Acute bronchitis absolutely is contagious and rightly pointed out can be viral, bacterial, possibly even fungal. For the most part you should be non-infectious after the first five day, two weeks to be absolutely sure; unless you get a super-infection, a new infection on top of the original one. Usually if this were to happen you would be feeling nearly well, then suddenly get much sicker again.

There is an entity called chronic bronchitis and that is usually from years of exposure to a toxin (like with smokers) That is the version that is not contagious. Affectionately called "smokers cough" that is a smoker hacking up a lung when they get up in the morning.

Finally one wonders why you haven't cleared your the bronchitis by now. I wonder if you don't have a little reactive airway disorder (sort of pre-asthma) that would respond to medications typically used for asthma. Talk with your physician about it.  (+ info)

How can you tell if your bronchitis is acute or chronic?

It all started when my throat was scratchy on Friday, like a usual cold was coming on. I woke up that night with a rattling noise in my chest when I would breathe and I took a puff of my albuterol inhaler. Yesterday I went to a doctor who said I have bronchitis and he prescribed Zithromax. My chest is all blocked up with mucus but hardly any comes up when I cough. It has been causing asthma attacks ever since Friday night. I don't smoke but my brother does. I was wondering what the difference between chronic bronchitis and acute bronchitis was. I know chronic bronchitis is when the condition doesn't get better but I want to know if there is any way to tell if it is going to go away at this stage. Thanks.

First of all, make sure that you're not around people that smoke, this will only tend to exacerbate any symptoms that you have. Also that your inhaler contains medicine and that what you're taking isn't just propellant, if you're not getting any medication through it you won't be doing yourself any good. Make sure that you warm it (under your arm) and shake it really well, dispense a couple of puffs into the air to fill the chamber with medicine and then take a couple of puffs-placing the inhaler 1/2 inch outside of the lips to minimize spraying at the back of your throat.
Chronic bronchitis is a daily productive cough that occurs for 3 months or longer and I do not think that this is what you have. However, you are at a very high risk for developing pneumonia. Be sure that you're drinking lots of fluids (this will help to thin the mucus in your chest) and take long, slow deep breaths followed by a deep cough at least 10 times in a row. This builds up pressure behind the mucus blocking your tiny lower airways and removes the blockages.
If this isn't any better by Wednesday, go back to the doctor...treatment isn't working and you need to get him to reanalyze your medications.
Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.  (+ info)

How can you tell the difference between influenza and viral bronchitis?

am coughing up phlegm that is sometimes colored, sometimes clear. nose mucous is sometimes clear, sometimes yellow. had 100 degree fever. muscle aches. retching and nausea. amoxicillin did nothing to help. motrin relieved fever and muscle aches. cough and stuffy nose still present. feeling weak. eyes feel puffy. is it a case of minor viral bronchitis or is it the flu?

Either way, it sounds like you need to see your doctor. The fever and colored phlegm lead me to believe that the MD will probably put you on antibiotics and probably a stronger prescription cough med to let you rest better.

Influenza is usually overwhelming symptoms that really and truly knock you off your feet and put you to bed for several days. It is head, chest, cough, fever, muscle aches.
Bronchitis can be viral or bacterial, and can sometimes settle into pneumonia if it lingers too long. Main symptoms is cough (sometimes productive), fever, chest pain, wheezes/rattles, etc.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon  (+ info)

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