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My fiancee has a blood disorder since childhood ( low platelet count) she like to take contraceptive this ok?

Shes got blood disorder ( low platelet count sometime 5k only). Now that were living together she decided to take contraceptive just for now we cannot afford to have a baby at this moment. Shes got nose bleed, and gums bleed sometime. It is safe for her to go for it?

Tell her to talk to her specialist.

Best wishes

Abide in Peace  (+ info)

Can you get a low blood platelet count if you are sick from a cold or stomach virus?

My husband got a low blood platelet count from a blood test but the day he did it he was sick (throwing up and with a slight fever). He is no longer sick but the place he got the blood test from said he needed to see the doctor right away. He is the healthiest person I know he exercises and eats right. They said HIV is out of the question , he does not bruise or bleed out of the ordinary. Before I go to the doctor we would like to know if a stomach virus can make your platelet count be low. The last time he got his blood check again he was sick with a cold and they said his platelets were low too.

Anemia, or a low red blood count, would just mean that he gets cold very easily.

I have the same thing. I have always been healthy, I eat right and I exercise.

This came up on a recent physical. I talked to a friend of mine, who is a surgeon, and he said the above, about being cold. It's not due to illness.

I asked my Mom about it and she said to eat liver.

I told her I'd rather be cold!  (+ info)

Why do some people have unusually high blood platelet counts?

Whenever I donate platelets, the technicians ask for a larger blood extraction (because it takes longer) given that my average platelet count is about 450. They can not give me a reason for this.

Just something we are not yet able to explain .  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for Low Blood Platelet, and what is the good diet for it?

What is the best treatment for Low Blood Platelet, and what is the good diet for it? Obviously treatment vary based on cause and patient
15 Oct: The currently level is somewhere around 25,000. And daily doctors age giving some very costly injection to maintain the level

The best treatment i've seen for low platelets is a transfusion of platelets, but you usually only get those if your really low. What is your platelet count? When your anemic of course they will say to get more iron, so things like green leafy veggies, liver and things like that have tons of iron which is good for anemic people. I'm not sure theres a food per say you can eat to up your platelet count.  (+ info)

Could you suggest me to how to increase platelet count in blood?

I have been suffering from typhoid and my blood platelet count is 1,75,000. Is it good figure or what will i do for increasing. And where Am I in health condition?

Hi Yamini.

A normal platelet cell can be active for up to ten days after which the cell dies and is removed naturally from the body. In a normal healthy person, 1 ml of blood contains anywhere from 150,000 to 400,000 platelets.

If your platelet count drops below the normal count, you may suffer from a disease called thrombocytopenia where the blood stops clotting and one may suffer huge blood losses due to minor injuries. A fall in your platelet count will also cause anemia and you will experience all the symptoms of anemia as well.

But as you mentioned your platelet count to be 1,75,000 so it is very normal. So you need not worry regarding this.

However, if you are concerned about increasing your platelet count, and want to increase platelet count naturally, here are some suggestions that you should follow to raise platelet count:

■ Avoid all refined food stuffs including sugars, saturated fats, processed foods and grains, aerated drinks. These foods are known causes of platelet count fall.
■ Consume a lot of healthy food. This includes fresh and organic foods. This will help in stimulating the body’s internal mechanism and increase your platelet count.
■ Ensure that you thoroughly wash you wash raw food before consuming them as helminthes, parasites and viruses are known to cause a fall in the platelet count.
■ Use cod liver oil or flax seed oils. They strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and increase your ratio of HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) to LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins).
■ Tomatoes and berries are loaded with vitamins and minerals and have strong anti-oxidant qualities which will help you increase platelet count.
■ Consume a lot of green and leafy vegetables. It increases the hemoglobin level of blood and helps tackle the underlying cause of low levels of platelet count.
■ Vitamin and mineral supplements taken regularly, will also enhance your immunity and ability to fit diseases that may aggravate fall in platelet count.

Take care. Regards.  (+ info)

What is the best diet for people with heart disease,stroke and blood disorders?

I have been considering changing my diet to vegetarian because of my personal and family health history including heart disease, strokes and blood disorders. My boyfriend is overweight and has heart problems and diabetes. What diet would be best for us?

Low soduim, low fat diet. Stay away from processed food, fast food. Eat lean meat stay away from red meats. Try to bake your food not fry it. Do not add salt. Eat plenty of green vegies  (+ info)

What are some very rare blood disorders?

I have to do a presentation on blood disorders and I want to do something very rare and interesting. Any ideas?

Blackfan Diamond (or Diamond Blackfan) anemia, the body's bone marrow produces little or no red blood cells. Blackfan Diamond anemia affects approximately 600 to 700 people worldwide.

POEMS syndrome is a blood disorder that affects many parts of the body and causes many symptoms. It affects both men and women and usually begins after age 50, although it may occur at any age. It is not known exactly how often POEMS syndrome occurs because it is difficult to diagnose correctly

Alpha thalassemia
Not enough alpha protein in the hemoglobin results in alpha thalassemia. It is commonly found in people from Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, southern China, and sometimes from the Mediterranean. There are several different types of alpha thalassemia, ranging from mild to severe

Polycythemia vera (PV) is a rare blood disease in which your body makes too many red blood cells.

Patients with eosinophilia have an abnormally high number of eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, in their blood.  (+ info)

What increases the Platelet and Blood Count in the body?

Can someone let me know what helps to get the platelet and blood count increase in the body?


There is no particular food group that helps in the production of platelets. However, drumstick leaves, Indian gooseberry, green gram, liver, fenugreek leaves, citrus fruits and egg yolk can help correct liver cirrhosis or anemia that would help in resuming the proper production of the platelets.

During this time, avoid fatty foods and alcohol which could further damage the liver and hinder the production of the platelets. Also avoid taking any drugs that might have an adverse effect on the production of platelets.  (+ info)

What does a high blood platelet count mean?

I recieved the results of a blood test in which they told me I had severe abnormalities and a very high platlet count. They are looking at doing bone marrow tests now. What does all this mean?

an increased platelet count is known as thrombocytosis
high platlet counts can be a sign of advanced or metastatic malignancy
may have an increased risk of forming a thrombus
puts a person at risk for a bleeding episode
some platelets may be abnormal as to not function correctly in the coagulation process  (+ info)

Platelet aggregation associated with preeclampsia is due to blood changes of?

Platelet aggregation associated with preeclampsia is due to blood changes of _________________.

a. prostacyclin
b. thromboxane
c. iron
d. hemoglobin
e. a and b


I think its E.

Preeclampsia: an imbalance in placental prostacyclin and thromboxane production I read that in an scholarly article just a few minutes ago.

If you read page 853 of the pdf link it talks about thromboxane relation to preeclampsia.  (+ info)

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