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Bile acid reflux???

I have been diagnosied with Enterogastric Reflux which is the same as bile acid reflux. It is were my small intestine is pushing food back into my stomach. I have a doctor's appt with a gastro doctor in June but was wondering if anyone else has this and if so what did the doctors do to get rid of it. I have read a little bit about it online and it states they usually use medicine or some kind of surgery...not to happy about the thought of surgery but guess I'll have to do what I have to do.
I am 41 years old

I have a hiatal hernia and GERD. The only treatments for it is weight loss, diet change, prescription PPIs or surgery.

If you are young, I'll recommend going for surgery. It'll fix the problem. If you're over 40 the docs will probably put you on a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) such a Nexium or Prilosec.

The PPIs work for me. No side effects. What I have is a hiatal hernia, which is a softening of the esophogeus allowing a portion of the stomach to go into it. I get bad heartburn, burping, excess gas and feel like I'm having a heart attack. But after a few days on the pills, I feel pretty normal. It's good to cut back or quit smoking, caffeine, fried and spicy foods and alcohol too. (pretty much all the fun stuff). I am 54 years old and will be on the meds the rest of my life. The only real concern with them is that they greatly lower the acid in your stomach. Because of this, don't eat raw fish and shellfish or unpasteurized dairy foods as you don't have the acid in you to neutralize toxins like before. Your doctor will go over all this you.

Good luck! Soon you'll be feeling much better.  (+ info)

Unexplained bile reflux?


I've had swelling for a few years now in my abdomen but doctors just said it was nothing/stress, until I collapsed one day at work (last week). Then I got an endoscopy and colonoscopy done and my doctor said there was severe gastritis with swelling and "cobblestone mucosa."

He said there was bile everywhere in my stomach. I don't understand - I searched the internet and it says bile reflux can ONLY occur from surgery or ulcers, but I've never had surgery! And the doctor made sure that there were no ulcers?

What could this be?

Hi Duran.

Bile reflux is a common component of acid reflux disease. It is also common after gallbladder surgery, but it also occurs without this surgery.

I did a search of pubmed for cobblestone mucosa and only found a few scientific papers on it (see links). Apparently, it is not common. It may be associated with Crohn's disease and/or a very rare disorder called collagenous gastritis.





Hope this info. is helpful for you. Obviously, your doctors need to help in determining what is wrong AND communicating their findings to you.

Best wishes and good luck.

After more searching of the literature, it is possible your gastritis might be associated with autoimmune diseases such as Celiac Disease (Collagenous Sprue is an example) or infection with H. pylori bacteria.





http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19730387  (+ info)

Was told i have bile reflux gastritis?

i had an upper endoscopy today im 23 year old male...dr says i have bile reflux gastritis i had gastritis in the past but not from bile reflux atleast not that i was told..so he gave sucralfat to take and im already on nexium..my question is he says it could be something with my gallbladder and im having a sonagram of it on thurs..what are the possible gallbladder causes of this or other causes besides from ulcer which i dont have or surgery which i didnt have

gall bladder is the usual suspect... sometimes diet chacges wiull flush out gall stomes, and they obstruct the bile duct, but it could also involve the liver....never have heard it called bile gastritis, seems like gall baldder or obstructed bile duct might be the cause  (+ info)

Anyone suffer from bile reflux?

I have been diagnosed with bile reflux and would like to hear from anyone suffering with this and what its like to live with. I have read loads of info on web about it and it doesn't sound very treatable but my doc keeps telling me not to worry. Well I am so worried that I have been put on Lofepramine for Anxiety and depression and I am finding it hard to function properly at the moment. I just don't want a life of misery and an increased risk of cancer. I don't want a description of it cos I know what it is but would like to hear from anyone living with it or who knows anyone living with it.
Thanks for that reply but it's not acid reflux it is bile reflux which is different.

I also have it, and you can learn to live with it too. Don't go to sleep right after you have eaten. Raise you head about four inches above your feet when you sleep. I don't take any medications for it. I use to worry about it but not anymore. It's like getting old everything don't work as well as before so you adjust and enjoy what you have left. There are worse things to have than acid reflux. Good luck --- Your health is your wealth.  (+ info)

What is the difference between heartburn,indigestion, & acid reflux?

I had a slight burning sensation in my throat all day and then when I went to bed and laid down I felt like bile come up into my throat. I had to sleep sitting down.
Adhouse, hope this doesn't sound too stupid but aren't bile and acid the same thing?

heartburn and acid reflux are the same thing. They are when your stomach pushes acid up into your esophagus. Indigestion is just a general term for problems with digestion, such as bloating or diarrhea or anything like that. Bile cannot come up into your throat unless you throw up. It is in your small intestine, not your stomach.  (+ info)

Does anyone have bile reflux gastritis?

I also have acid reflux, but when I had endoscopy, doctor told me they also found bile too, he says that rare.

Bile reflux Introduction

Most people are familiar with acid reflux — the backflow of caustic stomach acids into the esophagus, the tube that connects your throat and stomach. Less well known is bile reflux, which occurs when bile — a digestive fluid produced in the liver — flows upward (refluxes) from the small intestine into the stomach and esophagus.

Bile reflux often accompanies acid reflux, and together they're a formidable team, inflaming the lining of the esophagus and potentially increasing the risk of esophageal cancer. Bile reflux also affects the stomach, where it causes further inflammation.

Unlike acid reflux, bile reflux usually can't be controlled by changes in diet or lifestyle. Instead, bile reflex is most often managed with certain medications or, in severe cases, with surgery. Neither solution is uniformly effective, however, and some people continue to experience bile reflux even after treatment.

Bile reflux disease. Bile — a fluid that helps you digest fats — is produced in your liver and stored in your gallbladder. When it's released from the gallbladder, bile travels to your small intestine through a series of thin tubes. Normally, a ring-like sphincter muscle (pyloric valve) prevents bile from flowing into your stomach from your small intestine. But if this valve doesn't work properly, or if it has been removed because of surgery, bile can flow into your stomach, leading to inflammation and chronic gastritis.

Good luck.
DS  (+ info)

acid reflux, bile reflux, or both???? help me out here plz?

hey guys my g.i doctor gave me prevacid, aciphex, and some over the counter stuff like maloxx. none of this seems to work. he diagnosed me with acid reflux but i feel like that stuff should help.......my stomach and throat catch fire and i feel like somethign is stuck in my throat and it hurts bad and i constantly have the urge to throw up due to nausea and my throat....i took zantac recently and that seemed to help more than prevacid or acidphex...what the heck is it???

It sounds like something more could be going on such as an issue with the gallbladder (an example only).

I would recommend getting another opinion, preferably from someone that does not share the same office of the doctor that you currently see for care, to see what they think could be going on.  (+ info)

What is Bile Reflux?

  (+ info)

HELP!!! Do i have acid reflux or bile reflux??

doctors diagnosed me with acid reflux and i have tried prevacid, and aciphex. I take malox, gaviscon, honey,aloe vera juice,acv, for extra relief.You name it i have tried it. I get the burning sensation in my throat chest stomach,iget nauseas and i cough a lot (feel like lump in throat) I told the doctor for 2 yrs now its on and off. For months it'll never bother me and then for months it wont go away at all no matter what i eat or drink. I am very active dont eat spicy foods or nething, i dont even no how i got this, but like i said i can eat bk mcdonalds wendys for weeks and it wont bother meonce then all the sudden itll just hit me and never go away no matter what i eat. Please help with some ideas i am all messed up nothing works

If you want more answers, can try extending the expiration date....go to the little toolbar under your question, and pull down the drop down menu to the far right.......(I answered your other question pretaining to this)  (+ info)

Just typical acid reflux or something more?

I've always had trouble with acid reflux and have vomited acid while i slept, but lately i have awakened and ran to the bathroom and basically coughed what i believe is acid out. i cough because my throat is burning. i also have a very weird taste in my mouth for about 15-30 min after i'm finished coughing or vomiting. this has happened about 3-5 times in the last couple months, but 2 times in the past week. does this sound like regular acid/bile or maybe an ulcer or something?

Its typical acid reflux..or GERD.!!
I have it too..and I am being treated with Nexium. try it.sounds like you have it pretty bad...remember this advice!!!
If you don't kill that acid, immediately, or let me say this: the more acid you allow to be in your esophagus over the yrs..it destroys the lining of the esophagus!!
I ignored my GERD for many yrs. and ended up with pre-cancerous cells, just last yr..and I had to have surgery/ablasion of the esophagus to save my life !!!
they burned away the entire lining. ABSOLUTLEY HORRID..I couldn't eat for 10-days.. and I have to have an EGD every 6-mos' to make sure it isn't come back.
this is how my father died. Esophagal Cancer.!!!

never let acid hang out in your body, KILL IT IMMED.!!!  (+ info)

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