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how do i conclude on a topic-atelectasis?

OK, you need to re-phrase your question. I am a Lung Specialist and have no idea what you are talking about. Atelectasis is a condition where parts of the lung collapse. I have no idea what you mean by conclude and there is no such thing as topic-atelectasis  (+ info)

what is bibasilar atelectasis?

BIBASILAR = bases of both lungs

ATELECTASIS = collapsed alveoli  (+ info)

My mom has left-lung base atelectasis/scarring. Does anyone know what this means?

Atelectasis means collapsing of a alveole=the little bubbles we have in our lungs to exchange the gases, which is the work of our lungs. If we have cold or allergy or some such with lots of mucus they can plug the small airways and then anything beyond will collapse. Scar is scar like after a pneumonia or some other infection. When someone looks at the xray and if they do not have a comparison -an older xray a scar and atelectasis look the same. Scars don't get much better but atelectasis can clear away.
What these mean depends. Probably nothing -only that she has had an infection sometimes earlier -maybe many years ago and left a scar or she has an ongoing infection or allergy with the mucus plug causing an atelectasis.
If these are small and she feels well -no problem.If she is ill and has other things; then these may need to be looked into more carefully and checked or followed-up, but this also depends on the size of the scar/atelectasis. If they are large what is the reason -if small -any old remnants, particularly if she is a smoker or has asthma. The doctor having ordered the xray should be able to tell you more, if necessary and also decide, knowing your mom whether any follow-up is needed or any further workup.
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mary a  (+ info)

Can you explain this chest xray in simpler terms?

Can you explain this chest xray in simpler terms?
FINDINGS: The heart aorta mediastinum and right lung are normal. From the left hilus towards the axail region there is a thick linear focus that parallels the inferior aspect of the 2nd rib for a short while. It also is then seen to come underneath the first part of the 3rd left rib. No consolidation or pleural effusion

Impession: Radiodensit of the left lung. Differential diagnostic concerns are scarring atelectasis or an acute process

WHAT does it mean? In simple terms?

Why are you asking this...?
were not doctors!  (+ info)

what is atelectasis in lungs?

Its is when the tiny air sacs in the lungs called alveoli collapse. They stick together and don't open up and inflate like they should.  (+ info)

what is complication of atelectasis?

  (+ info)

prolonged flow of oxygen supply to a patient will cause?? choose from: A-pneumonia, or B-atelectasis?

choose the more relevant answer and pls explain why

It's atelectasis. look down under "TREATMENT OF ATELECTASIS".
Although there is a reference to the stagnation of the fuids in the lungs causing infection (most probably pneumonia), but I think that's a secondary situation and my hunch is to go with B. Atelectasis is a non-bacterial form of pneumonia which would be the primary indication of the oxygen toxicity with any bacterial involvement being secondary.

Treatment for Atelectasis
Atelectasis in the newborn is treated by suctioning the trachea to establish an open airway, positive-pressure breathing, and administration of oxygen. High concentrations of oxygen given over a prolonged period tend to promote atelectasis and may lead to the development of retrolental fibroplasia in premature infants.

Acute atelectasis is treated by removing the cause whenever possible. To accomplish this, coughing, suctioning, and bronchoscopy may be employed.

In atelectasis due to airway obstruction with secretions, chest physiotherapy is often useful.

Chronic atelectasis usually requires surgical removal of the affected segment or lobe of the lung. Antibiotics are given to combat the infection that almost always accompanies secondary atelectasis.  (+ info)

Anyone diagnosed with nodules on the lungs ranging from 4-8mm each?

Mine were one on each lung and the 3rd on the costophrenic sulcus, also had dependant atelectasis. Was being CT scaned for abdominal problems, but this was also detected. I'm not a smoker, but was a long term heavy mariujuanna smoker several years ago.

"Nodules on the lungs" is not a diagnosis, it is a finding which will lead to a diagnosis when you follow up with your MD or possibly a lung specialist.  (+ info)

definition of atelectasis?

Atelectasis is collasped alveoli. Atelectasis can be caused from diseases such as emphysemia and it also can occur after surgical procedures. The incentive spriometer is used after surgry to help prevent it by promoting deep breaths.  (+ info)

Can compressive atelectasis be caused by lung cancer or lymphoma?

My boyfriend has smoked since he was 12 (he's 41 now) and recent CT shows what it says is compressive atelectasis in his lung. The doctor didn't bother to tell us, I read it. He just said the CT said to quit smoking. It also showed fatty liver and a growth on his liver. The doctor doesn't seem to feel any of this is important. He's had problems breathing for months now, and being he's smoked all these years, I'm wondering if it could be serious. I've helped him find another doctor, but they don't have an opening until Aug 4. I'm curious as to if we should be concerned with these findings.

Hold on for one minute!
Compressive atelectasis (CA) is not always caused by cancer or lymphoma or any other tumor. CA also occurs in one week old newborns as well as in middle-aged and elderly persons. It also develops during anesthesia and may last in 50% of patients up to 24 hours. Further the diagnosis of CA doesn't necessarily apply to all the lung but sometimes may involve a smaller portion of the lung. Talk it over with your physician and get accurate and up-to-date information.  (+ info)

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