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can an abscess be on another body part aside from the mouth? my friends' son got something that looked like an abscess on his butt. can it be that?

It sure can. You can have an abcess show up anywhere in the body. An abcess simply means the infection is beneath the skin surface, and that's what a boil or carbuncle really is. They are pretty common on the tush and thighs. Just apply moist heat to the spot, as hot as his tushie can take it, as often as you care to apply it. He can also soak in a nice hot tub. Eventually, in a few days it will form a central white spot and drain all by itself. Warning though, when it drains, it will smell NASTY. Just before it drains, it will also hurt like nothing else he's ever known. Don't poke, prod, or squeeze it - that can rupture it beneath the skin, and will just make matters worse. The more often you can apply moist heat, the sooner it will drain itself. If it doesn't drain within a week then a trip to the doctor is in order, so it can be incised and drained. Try to avoid that if you can help it- the child won't much appreciate the procedure. Adults sure don't. Meantime, keep him out of tightie whities and into very loose fitted clothing. Boxers are about ideal. Keep the spot covered with a bandage. When it starts to drain, a gentle pressure downward at the sides will finish the drain job. Be careful though, not to spread the liquid contents to other skin- it can create new spots on him and you. After it drains, keep a nice absorbant bandage on it, changing it twice a day. Wash with antibacterial soap as well. Once it drains it will feel much better, and will heal pretty quickly. In the meantime, it's just going to hurt and hurt worse until it finally does drain.  (+ info)


A couple of days ago I bumped by gums with the end of my toothbrush.

You know, like if you're brushing too fast and you bump your gums?

Anyway, the area I bumped only feels painful when I touch it;

How would I know if it was infected or something?

Would I get a fever from how it is now?

This is not an infection. The gum tissue is very thin and fragile. Bumping it like you said you have will definitely irritate the gums there for a few days. Fortunately for you, the gums heal very quickly.  (+ info)

How do I know when an abscess on my gum is healing?

I have an abscess that started on my gum and is slowly going backwards. The infection didn't start from a tooth (as the dentist's x-rays showed) and started from the surface of my gum. He prescribed me Penicillin and told me to check back in a week. Is the abscess still supposed to be turning white and draining throughout the whole week as it's healing or is that a sign the Penicillin is not working? Thanks!

i would finish the penicillin course first and then see if the infectin goes away. During this time, i would keep the hygience in superb condition just to make sure the gum is healthy, assuming it's the gum problem not the tooth.  (+ info)

How can i get rid of a dental abscess on my own?

I Have a dental abscess and went to the ER a week ago, they gave me antibiotics and sent me home. I have no insurace but found a dentist that will pull the tooth for cheap. However, they won't pull it with the abscess and i can't afford to go back to the ER and it's not going away. Is there any home remedies?

I had the same problem. After a week of antibiotics most of the swelling went down but I still had a large bump under my jaw and the dentist went ahead and pulled the tooth and gave me some really strong antibitoics. Its completely gone now and it was only pulled 5 days ago.

Your best bet is to get it pulled after your first round of antibiotics. I was given Amoxicillin 500mg the first time and it didnt clear it all up until after it was pulled.  (+ info)

What are natural remedies(home remedies) to treat an abscess?

I am having an abscess under the skin. I have been taking anti-biotics for it as recommended by the doctor but there is no relief.
I need to know any natural remedies to treat an abscess which is under the skin
I had heard that dipping a washcloth in a hot infusion of chamomile tea does some work. But the abscess just became red and softer. Is it bad or good?

Add 1 cup vinegar to your baths(which you should take every night)
Put a small amount of anti biotic up your nose. I know it sounds gross, but that's what my doctor said to do
If the abscess is not responding to your prescription, then it might be MRSA, an anti biotic resistant strain of abscess. Discuss with your doctor about the possibility of MRSA testing. If it turns out to be MRSA, then they will probably change your prescription. Hopefully that will work.
Also, I know it hurts, but clean it every night. Also, if you're brave enough, STERILIZE your hands and just kinda take the scab off the top of the abscess. This should cause the pus to come out. Clean it up thoroughly, then throw away whatever you used to clean up the pus. This should relieve it a lot.
However, if the abscess does not go away after this, go to your doctor and they will lance it. It hurts, but it makes the abscess go away, and if none of the above stuff works, then your abscess will do nothing but get worse.
And make sure to keep the house clean, especially if you are living with other people.  (+ info)

How do you get rid of abscess in an already closed hip piercing?

My hip piercing has healed over, but inside of the scar i can feel abscess. How do you get rid of it?

Visit your doctor.

Your doctor will be able to drain any abscess and give you antibiotics/care directions for the area.

DO NOT try to lance the abscess yourself.

It is possible that what you are feeling is just the tissue trying to heal itself. Since you cannot be sure on your own, see a professional and have it taken care of.

In the future, NEVER remove an infected piercing. If a piercing is irritated and must be removed, it needs to be carefully cleaned while it is closing so you don't end up in this situation again.  (+ info)

What is the difference between an abscess and a boil?

is an abscess and a boil treated the same way? what are the differences between them? What causes them to occur?

Boils are caused usually by a bacteria. An abscess is caused by an infection witch causes swelling and should be looked at by a doctor or dentist, because the infection could travel through your body and then you're in trouble. Good Luck  (+ info)

What happens if a skin abscess is left untreated?

Specifically, if a skin abscess is fairly large, deep, red and painful and there is an associated fever, what are the consequences of not seeing a physician? Can this situation resolve itself on its own? And if not, what may happen as a result of the untreated abscess?

It depends on what you've had done so far, a simple abscess is initially treated with 7 days of oral antiboitics, if after this point the abscess is still not resolving then incision and drainage in day case theatre is the usual next step.

If its deep, red and you've got a fever, u almost certainly need antiboitics and further assessment. The risk of not seeking help is progression to sepsis / skin loss and grafting.

Hope this hasnt scared you too much lol.  (+ info)

What foods could my brother eat whilst having an abscess in his gum?

My little brother aged 15 has an abscess in his gum and is finding it extremely pain-full to chew his food. Does anybody no any recommendations to what foods he could eat? also any ways to soothe the pain? maybe natural remedies or legal medication.

Soup of a non-hot, non-cold (just right) tempertaure should be fine until he sees his dentist.  (+ info)

What is an average time of abscess tooth drainage?

I'm going to the dentist tomorrow. And I'm pretty sure I will be having a abscess tooth drainage done if antibiotics don't work. My cheek is swelled up,and so is small part of the gum on the same side.

So what is an average time of abscess tooth drainage? And how exactly is it preformed?

Lancing an abscess and placing a drain in it is a last resort. Unless all the infection is localized in one area ,it will not be done. A course of antibiotics will first be tried. Good luck.  (+ info)

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